Teen Agents ( L.H)

"Hi my name is Emily you can call me "Em"

I'm from 'LA' and I'm 16 my mom and dad decided it was best if we moved to Australia, Sydney without out me knowing why we were moving


3. Teen Agent Academy❗️❗️

Emily's p.o.v

I walked in the Academy with Dylan waiting for me he took my luggage and told me to follow him so I did as told he showed me my new room for the rest of the year or longer he said that every one that goes to TAA (Teen Agent Academy) has a roommate "Dylan she took my laser lipstick" I hard someone yell "I'll be right back sis" he said "okay" as I started to unpack I saw a girl with long black hair and brown eyes entered the room

"Hi you must be my new roommate?' She said

E:"Yes I'm Emily Young and you are"

"OH MY GOSH YOUR DYLAN'S SISTER I'm Olivia valentine did you know that your brother is a legend he stood up to 5sos AKA (5 seconds of summer) we are not even allowed to say there names they don't allow it I Recommend you stay away from 5sos special Luke Hemmings he's bad news

After having that conversation with my new roommate i thought to myself what's so bad about 5sos special Luke Hemmings but I didn't want any terrible at my first day at TAA but inside I really wanted to meet them "you should go to bed tomorrow we have our training" said Olivia

So I know short chapter but I'm really tired it's 12:32 AM I'm never going to promise that I might do a longer chapter making promises that I might break I don't like breaking promises so ya

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I woke up at sound of Olivia yelling I guess she's my new alarm "hey hey did someone die or something" I asked "oh I'm so sorry Em I was just talking to my older sister " do you want meet her " Olivia asked "okay" I replied


It was now time for our first class and Olivia and I have the same classes to be honest I was a little scared no I was a lot scared I got dressed in to a black skinny jeans and a crop top that shows a little of my belly ring

We walked out our room and started to walk to our next class which was 5 skills spies need to know as I walked I bumped in to someone my things were ever where I looked up to see a boy about my age he had blonde hair and a lip ring " Watch where you're going klutzilla" the boy said watch you mouth Blondie " I replied when I looked at Olivia she looked petrified she took my hand and whispered "that's the guy I told you about LUKE HEMMINGS!!!" She said before I could say anything he grabbed my hand and held me against the wall and whispered "feisty I like feisty girls" I pushed him of me and started to pick my things

Luke's p.o.v

I can't stop thinking about that girl I didn't even get her name I don't know why I'm feeling this way but all I know is I what her as the MR Corky start talking about Spies need to learn their most important skill: how to recruit sources to give up secrets. I ready know how to do that the girl I earlier walked in the class and started to introduce herself

Emily's p.o.v

I was so nervous when I walk in to the class room the teacher asked me to introduce myself I got more and more nervous when I turned to face the class I so Luke the boy who called mr klutzilla he was looking at me like I was some thing to eat I

I started to introduce myself "hi I'm Emily Young I'm 16 years old i love sports and i have a brother I think you might know him that's all

That Luke guy is really cute but why do the cutest boys have to be bad boys? I asked myself but I could never like him could I ?

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