Teen Agents ( L.H)

"Hi my name is Emily you can call me "Em"

I'm from 'LA' and I'm 16 my mom and dad decided it was best if we moved to Australia, Sydney without out me knowing why we were moving


2. new life

I love my bed room it had my favourite colour blue and black I had my own tv and a huge Queen bed a new Computer I was so happy my sadness was going away one by one

"Dinner will be ready in an hour" mom yelled

I changed in to a Bossy Bossy top and a Calypso Pleather Skirt - Black /Black Zip Side Shoe Boot and headed out side to take a walk I want to the beach since I live by the beach after an hour I want back to seen my mom preparing dinner so I want and helped we started to eat so this was the perfect apparently to ask what school I was going to be attending the is how the Conversation was

E: "so mom, dad what school I'm I going to attend "

Dad:" oh ya school your going to attend a special school"

E: "what?'

Both:" honey we have something to tell you"

E:" that is never good remember the other time you guys said you have something to tell me will look where I am now I'm in Australia "

Mom: "this is much more important then That "

E:" oh really what is more important than me moving to Australia leaving all my life "

Mom: " you're NEW LIFE "

E:" so now you guys are going to pick my life for me ?' I yelled

Dad :" we......we are spy's"

E:" What (laughs) you have got to be kidding me "

Mom:" it's true honey" says it with a series face

This is too much the other half of me believes them but the other doesn't it might be true because my family does keep a lot of secrets this does answer all of my questions but I don't want to believe them if this is true that means my parents have been lying to me my whole life I got snapped out of my thoughts when the door bell rings I want to open the door and saw my brother Dylan standing I FROZE

"Hey Emily who's at the door " my mom yelled at that moment I ran upstairs and slammed my door

I woke up before my alarm went off and realized what happened last night with my parents my BROTHER that I haven't seen for 3 years I didn't want to go downstairs after how I acted last night but somehow I have to face them so I got dressed and went downstairs I hard my mom and dad talking to Dylan "hi Dylan it will be ok just give her time to process this you did the same thing when we told you our Secret 3 years ago but you excepted it in time like your sister wou..." I interrupted "hi Dylan " I said

" hey Em how are u I haven't seen you for 3 years "

" i'm good i am so sorry about last night I shouldn't have just ran out like that " I said " that's ok I get it was to much for you"

You can still read me like a book "

We started talking laughing until my mom said we needed to talk about last night about me and my whole family being a Spy to be honest it was awesome

Mom: " honey your brother is here for you to take you to the Teen Agent Academy"

E:"so if I was never going to Live with you guys why did I get my own bedroom?'

Mom: " you have a Choice we are not going to force you to go to the Academy "

E: I do ?

Dylan:" yes you do sis"

After we talked about it a decided yes why not maybe my new life is more exiting the my old life

So I hope you guys like my story so far

Thanks for reading it


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