Teen Agents ( L.H)

"Hi my name is Emily you can call me "Em"

I'm from 'LA' and I'm 16 my mom and dad decided it was best if we moved to Australia, Sydney without out me knowing why we were moving


7. meeting him/her


Emily's P.o.V

I looked around the room to see the only available seat was beside LUKE Hemmings I had no choice but to take a seat

~~skip to lunch time~~

I walk to the cafeteria and see Olivia waving for me I waved back and grab my food and had to her there were 2 others sitting with her she introduced them to me there names were Kim and Selena Kim had blond hair and blue eyes Selena had red hair and brown eyes I liked her red hair tho

"Hi look who's coming towards our table" said Kim it was none other than Luke Hemmings "hey cutie" he said looking at me " are you talking to me" I Side "yes hotness" he said winking I didn't want any trouble so I got up with my food walked off but before I could Luke grabbed my hand and pulls me to him now everyone was staring we were so close I thought he was going to kiss me my heart was racing so fast I thought it was going to explode why was I feeling this why I've only known him for one day and he was bad for me I took my hand away from him and took off

Luke's p.o.v

When I grabbed her hand I just wanted to kiss her make her mine and nobody else's she took her away from me and took off I think I should be nice to her so my plan would work

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