Teen Agents ( L.H)

"Hi my name is Emily you can call me "Em"

I'm from 'LA' and I'm 16 my mom and dad decided it was best if we moved to Australia, Sydney without out me knowing why we were moving


5. Meeting Him/Her

Luke's p.o.v

WHAT!? She's Dylan's sister ""wait this could be a good opportunity to get a revenge on Dylan I bet he loves her so much that he'll be willing to do anything for her I was snapped out of my thoughts when Emily

Emily's P.o.V

I looked around the room to see the only available seat was beside LUKE Hemmings I had no choice but to take a seat

~~skip to lunch time~~

SO!!SO!! Sorry it's a short paragraph it's not a chapter because I'm not done this chapter if you want more just COMINT-LIKE 👍👍👍

Again sorry I just have so much going on 😰😱

But thinks for reading

Love you all

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