Teen Agents ( L.H)

"Hi my name is Emily you can call me "Em"

I'm from 'LA' and I'm 16 my mom and dad decided it was best if we moved to Australia, Sydney without out me knowing why we were moving


1. "Australia"

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm not knowing what happened last night I remember I had a prety but I don't remember going to bed"OMG I'M IN BIG trouble"

I threw a party that my parents specifically told me not to,they Went to visit my grandmother at the hospital. When I woke up I saw a guy sleeping beside me he was hot and all but he was "NOT MY TYPE" did I NO please tell me NOTHING HAPPENED ;(

At that moment my first reaction was to call my best friends Jade I picked up my phone and Dialed her number

E: "Hi Jade i'm in big trouble I need your help"

J: " why are you calling me at 5 in the morning?

J:" wait why am I in your house ?

E:"what are you talking about ?

J:"i'm in your living room "

E:"OMG you must've stayed for the party"

J:"party what party?

E:"never mind no time to explain we need to clean up before my parents get here


End of Conversation

After Jade and I kicked out all or the boys and girls but before we did we made them help with the cleaning

I hard my parents Paul at the driveway thank god we finished cleaning

"Hey honey were back and we have something to talk to you about" my mom Yelled

"Be down in a minute" I responded

When I was going down the stairs I hard my parents talking about Australia so I interrupted

"Hey what do you guys what to talk to me about I'm I in trouble" I asked Real subtle Em now they're going to suspect something is going on, I mumbled to myself

"No No honey we just wanted to tell you that we are moving" mom said

"Moving you're joking right? I asked

"No"my dad said with a serious face

"WHAT!! We can't move I have my whole life here....and where do you expect me to move to? I asked with anger on my face 

"Honey we are moving to Australia Sydney " that side at the same time

"Mom-dad why are we moving LA is awesome you have jobs here did you get another job "? I asked :(

"Honey we can't tell you why we're removing" dad replied

"So what i'm hearing is leave your whole life behind and move to Australia without a question" I yelled and rolled my eyes ran upstairs to my room will at least for a few days

"We will be leaving tomorrow in the morning " my mom yelled

WHAT just when I thought things don't get worse than this I can't believe my parents would do this to me I have to FaceTime with Jade and tell her all about this she's going to freak

I called Jade right away she answered after 1,2,3 minutes

E:"what took you so long?

J:" I was sneaking in thanks for your party "

E:" that won't matter when I tell you this "


I told Jade everything she was shocked and she got more shocked when I told her that I was leaving tomorrow

I got up at the sound of my alarm clock I have never been so sad to hear thet irritating sound after I took a shower I decided to where a sweatpants and a crop top I didn't care what I looked like I was so mad that I was moving I put my hair in messy bun and start to pack

I was at the airport the last time I was at the airport was When I said goodbye to my brother Dylan he was like my best friend I told him everything I don't even know where he left to my parents said he was going to some kind of boarding school he was a troublemaker and all but did they have to sand him to a boarding school

I said my farewells and boarded the plane✈️ the flight time from Loss Angeles California to Sydney, Australia is I think 15 hours, 29 minutes I didn't care how long it took I rather stay in the plane live with my parents I know it's harsh but I'm a teenager I am supposed to hate my parents Dylan thought me that the worst thing about my parents is they keeps secrets

After about 15 hours and 29 minutes we Arrived to Sydney I was going to call a cab but my dad said we were going to get a ride see what I was talking about they keep secret I didn't even know they knew anyone at Australia we waited for about 20m befor I knew it a man dressed in black suit had our last name on a piece of paper and started yelling "mr. and Mrs. young" so we all looked at him "it's us" my mom said

In the car it was so awkward before the guy brok it by saying "hi I'm Jeff"

"Hi I'm Peter and this is my wife Laura and my daughter Emily" my dad responded

They were having a conversation that I was not part of I didn't care I was in my own little world, I thought maybe me going to Australia is going to be a blessin in disguise it means (an apparent misfortune that eventually has good results) I got snapped out of my thoughts when the car driver says "we're here" AKA Jeff we stopped at a huge house as I saw the house all I could say was " WoW" I asked my mom if Jeff got the wrong family even though our last name was Young

"No honey the is our house for now on" mom said

I ran in to the house and it was the most beautiful and huge house I have ever see or lived in

My dad asked this woman to show my new room I was so excited to see how it looked like


Hi this is my first story so it might not be good it might be horrible but I'm trying my best so I hope you guys love it

Love you all by

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