Young Love [KID! Sasuke]

He immediatly knew she would become her wife and he would be her groom when he gave her a cookie.


1. 🌙



Sasuke Uchiha wasn't the type of kid that shared his cookies with his classmates but he was only willing to share them with his crush: [Name] [Surname]. He believed that it was love at first sight as he had learned from being forced to watch all those dramas with his mom and her friend.

"Hey, [Name]-chan." The young Sasuke called out said girl's name loudly, turning everyone's attention to him. He confidently looked at the [h/c] girl but in the inside he was more than nervous and ready to run away in embarassment.

"Yeah?" She said hesitantly as she paused playing with the toy car to stare at the infamous Sasuke Uchiha.

"Want to share my cookies with me!?" He put his box of chocolate chipped cookies in front of her face, startling the young girl. The kids around them started whisper as they saw the impossible happen: Sasuke Uchiha was sharing.

Even at that age, Sasuke had a bad boy streak. He once put glue on his teacher's chair; he was immediately put in the corner. Since than people had a hard time approaching him except Naruto Uzumaki. Thanks to that knucklehead he was able to talk to [Name] [Surname]. He was nervous at first but he gained some confidence after a while.

"My mommy said I can't hang out with you, but I do want a cookie." [Name] responded after a long pause.

"Why'd she say you can't hang out with me?" Sasuke responded furiously.

"She said you're a bad influence." She frowned when she to struggled when she tried to pronounce influence.

"Well I think I'm a good influence," he pouted. After a while of thinking it over he went back to her and asked her if she wanted to play with him after school and she responded with an excited yes after she asked her mom that is. It took some convincing in [Name]'s part but she was able to persuade her mom by telling her how Sasuke was kind enough to share his cookies with her.

"Do you like me [Name]?" Sasuke asked her with a blush on his pale face. "If you don't it's okay!" Sasuke panicked when he didn't receive an immediate answer.

"I don't know." She responded with a small smile. "I think I do?" She grinned childishly, knowing that Sasuke wanted a yes or no answer.

"W-Well I like you." He said as he tried to avoid eye contact with [Name]. "So I'll wait for you to like me," he continued as he grabbed her hand gently.

[Name]'s mom stared down on the two kids and smiled. My little girl is all grown up now, she though with a slight sob.

"And when you do start to like me we'll get married," he stated not letting the girl reject his early proposal. He stopped walking as he stared at [Name]'s eyes.

"Okay." She finally said as Sasuke pecked her cheek and walked faster, making sure not to let go of her small hand.

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