I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


13. What happened

Stella's point of view 

* In the morning * 

I felt dizzy vision was blur than it got back to my regular vision so I went to get a glass of water until my vision got blurry then everything goes black ....................

* later at the hospital * 

My eyes fluttered open I saw Ashton sitting next to me 

Stella-" Ashton what happened " 

Ashton-" you feel downstairs cause you weren't feeling so well " 

Stella-" oh " 

Ashton-" but your gonna be fine " 

Stella-" where's my mom , Ashely , and Louis" 

Ashton-" Louis is with Michael but your mom and Ashely died in a car crash " 

Stella-" what " 

I had tears falling down on my face a few hours later I got to go home I saw Louis he was crying. 


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