I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


1. New school

I'm Stella 17 , purple hair , has a big sister named Ashley, little brother named Louis , likes all time low , nirvana, and my chemical romance, is moving from New York to Australia cause my mom got a new Job I love my mom and I support her but did she really have to move us to another country. 

Stella's point of view 


Stella-" Great new school today" 

Ashley-" yay! New school that means I get to be popular this time " 

Stella-" good I can get away from you " 

Ashley rolled her eyes and went downstairs Stella went to go wake up her little brother Louis they are really close cause Ashley never payed attention to either of them 

* knocks on door and opens* 

Stella-" Louis get ready for school " 

Louis-" where's mom " 

Stella-" I think Downstairs why ?" 

Louis-" what if I don't have any friends just like New York " 

Stella-" well the important thing is that we have each other okay " 

Louis-" okay " 

Stella-" now get ready " 

Then Stella went back to her room and put on her dark blue cropped top , ripped skinny jeans, black vans , and her blue flannel then she put in some mascara , eyeliner , and lip gloss then she went downstairs and saw Ashley and Louis 

Stella-" um where's mom " 

Ashley-" grabbing our stuff that we need for school " 

Then their mom walked in 

Mom-" okay a pink and red backpack for Ashley , a blue and purple backpack for Stella, and a green backpack for Louis " 

Ashley-" thank you " 

Louis-" thank you " 

Stella-" thanks mom " 

Mom-" okay well I have to take Louis to school so good luck girls on your first day " 

Ashley-" okay mom " 

 Then they both walked to school and got their schedules and went to their classes Stella sat down next to a blonde hair boy with ocean blue eyes

Luke-" I'm Luke"

Stella-" I'm Stella "

Luke-" how about I show you around"

Stella-" that would be great "

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