I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


20. It's complicated

Ashton's point of view 

I should've told her what was I thinking wait where is she ? As I ran upstairs I heard crying from the bathroom sounds like Stella she's mumbling something but I can't hear her 

Ashton-" Stella I wanted to Say that I'm sorry I didn't mean to do what I just did I didn't know how to explain it clearly " 

Stella-" * crying harder * y-you c-c-could've s-said that earlier " 

Ashton-" believe me Stella I wish I did please come out to so we can fix this " 

Stella-" w-what is there to fix * crying even harder* " 

Ashton-" um " 

Stella-" exactly nothing just leave me alone right n-now " 

I walked into the bedroom thinking how am I gonna fix this. 

Stella's point of view 

I keep crying harder then I usually do why did I push him away I'm so stupid I'll go talk to him after I calm down I just need to think about our relationship first.

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