I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


11. I'm sorry

* The next day * 

Stella's point of view 

Luke-" so who wants to go to the movies " 

Stella-" well there be pizza " 

Luke-" I guess but Michaels paying for the pizza " 

Michael-" long as I get my own pizza " 

Stella-" not happening " 

Calum-" so what movie " 

Luke-" mean girls " 

They all groan 

Stella-" seriously " 

Calum-" Luke your obsessed with that movie " 

Luke-" I am not " 

Stella-" yes you are lukey " 

Luke-" first don't call me lukey second what  do you guys suggest "


Stella-" Carrie " 

Michael-" I'd rather watch Carrie than mean girls " 

Calum-" me too " 

Luke-" ugh fine then Carrie " 

Stella-" yay!"

Then Ashton walked up to them

Ashton-" Stella I know I messed up and I'm sorry "

Stella-" just give me sometime to think about it but would you like to come to the movies with us"

Ashton-" sure " .



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