I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


6. I'm sorry


* At school the next day * 

Michael's point of view 

Luke-" what was Stella gonna tell me yesterday" 

Michael-" Katie made up some rumor that you two were dating " 

Luke-" oh... Well I love Stella she's like a little sister to me and my best friend and nothing more " 

Michael-" trust me she liked you when you first noticed her but then Ashton came along and she liked him more " 

Luke-" do you think Ashton really did that " 

Michael-" I don't know what to believe " 

Luke-" have you heard from Stella " 

Michael-" not since last night " 

Luke-" how are we gonna get them to make up" 

Michael-" I'll handle Stella you will handle Ashton" 

Stella's point of view 

Stella-" are you fucking crazy " 

Michael-" you two need to make up some time" 

Stella-" Michael you don't understand I've been through this before and my boyfriend kept on cheating on me no matter what " 

Michael-" Stella trust me that won't happen again " 

Stella-" well it was also Ashley's fault so really I can I not be mad " 

Michael-" listen to me nothing will get in the way this time you just gotta trust us " 

Stella-" ugh! Fine " 

Michael-" alright let's head to lunch " 

* At lunch * 

Calum-" hey Stella " 

Stella-" hey cal have you seen Ashton " 

Calum-" yeah he's with Katie " 

Stella-" oh never mind then " 

Then Michael and Luke sit down 

Michael-" Stella go over and talk to Ashton " 

Stella-" I can't he's with Katie " 

Luke-" I'm tired of this " 

Stella-" Luke what are you doing " 

Luke-" getting you and Ashton to be friends again " 

Stella-" Luke sit down " 

Luke-" HEY ASHTON! Come over here now " 

Stella-" fuck" 

Then Ashton goes over to their table 

Ashton-" what " 

Calum-" talk to Stella "

Ashton-" Stella can we talk in private "

Stella-" sure "

They went out in the hallway

Stella-" Ashton I'm sorry for yelling at you and accusing you your one of my best friends since I moved here "

Ashton-" it's ok I'm sorry for believing that stupid rumor and you didn't have any friends in New York "

Stella-" that's the past I don't want to talk about it "

Ashton-" well let's go back to the guys there waiting "

Stella-" yeah "

They sat down with Luke, Calum, and Michael Stella was happy that her and Ashton were friends but wished that they were something more.



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