I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


10. I can't believe you did that

Stella and Ashton have been dating for 4 months so far 

* at school * 

Luke-" Stella you've been mad at me for months let it go " 

Stella-" fine I'll let it g-" 

Luke-" are you okay what is Ashton doing with Katie " 

Then Katie kissed Ashton and Ashton kissed her back until he saw Stella

Ashton-" Stella it's not what it looks like " 

Stella-" that a lie can't believe you would do this too me " 

Then Stella ran home crying then Ashley came home 

Ashley-" Stella I'm so sorry about Ashton " 

Stella-" you were right I should've listened to you " 

Ashley-" look I may have not been the best sister to you and Louis but i love you both and care about you this was not Ashton's fault " 

Stella-" I don't know what to believe " 

Ashley-" trust me you'll figure this out you always have " 

Stella-" can you tell Michael to come over " 

Ashley-" yeah " 

Then in a few Minutes Michael went over Stella's house 

Stella-" thank you Michael for everything " 

Michael-" no problem I'll always be right by your side " 

Stella-" promise " 

Michael-" promise " 

Michael's point of view 

I have a weird feeling ever since I met Stella I had that feeling after all she is really pretty wait I think I know what the feeling means I'm in love with .....................Stella.



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