I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


4. I can do this

after school Ashton came over Stella's house so she can tutor him 

Ashton-" thanks for helping me " 

Stella-" no problem " 

Ashton-" sorry about the whole thing with Katie yesterday " 

Stella-" it's fine " 

Ashton-" so...... Do you like it here in Australia" 

Stella-" it's nice I guess " 

Ashton's point of view 

She is really pretty with that purple hair and hazel eyes she's talking about science I want to ask her out I don't why I can't 

Stella's point of view 

He's really cute with those green eyes and dimples he was thinking about something wonder what . After a few hours Ashton left then Ashley came in Stella 's room 

Ashley-" why was Ashton over here " 

Stella-" cause I'm tutoring him " 

Ashley-" well back off or I'll date your best friend Luke " 

Stella-" leave Luke out of this I'll back off now go away " 

Then Ashley went to her room Stella rolled her eyes how is she gonna be Ashton's friend and stay away at the same time so Stella decided to call Michael 

Michael-" so how did it go "

Stella-" fine wanna come over for dinner tomorrow I need to talk to you about something "

Michael-" yeah sure "

After an hour of talking to Michael Stella went to sleep.


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