I'll always be right there

Stella is 17 she moved to Australia because her mom got a new job when she goes to her new school someone interesting comes along the way Ashton Irwin.


5. Alright fine

Stella's point of view 

* At lunch * 

Michael-" your seriously gonna listen to what your sister tells you " 

Stella-" it's either that or she dates Luke " 

Michael-" ok and because before Ashton you had a crush on Luke " 

Stella-" who told you " 

Michael-" the whole school knows " 

Stella-" seriously I just want to be Luke's friend" 

Luke-" and you are " 

Stella-" oh hey Luke you didn't hear " 

Luke-" hear what " 

Stella-" nothing " 

Luke-" you know that you can tell me anything" 

Then Katie and Ashton comes up Ashton sits down but not very happy 

Stella-" hey Ashton I can tutor you tomorrow since Michael is coming over for dinner tonight" 

Katie-" oh you have two boyfriends now " 

Ashton-" actually Stella Katie is tutoring me now " 

Stella-" b- wait you used me didn't you " 

Ashton-" oh come on why would I do that " 

Stella-" cause your a player " 

Luke-" Stella calm down " 

Stella-" fuck you Ashton I can't believe I was actually friends with you and maybe possibly liked you " 

Ashton-" Stella wait " 

Stella ran out of the room crying and went home 

Ashton's point of view 

Ashton-" what the hell Katie " 

Katie-" why are you blaming me for this " 

Ashton-" cause your a bitch and ruined my chance with Stella " 

Katie-" whatever " 

Then Katie walked away 

Stella's point of view 

Someone knocks on the door 

Stella-" go away " 

Michael-" Stella its Michael open up "

Stella-" what"

Michael-" I'm supposed to come over for dinner remember "

Stella-" oh yeah pizza is for dinner "

Michael-" awesome "

Stella-" Michael can you stay the night "

Michael-" anything for you Stella "

Michael came up next to Stella and cuddled her then after eating pizza they both fell asleep.

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