Teenage memories .C.H.

Will Calum and holly get married or will Luke do something he will regret for the rest of his life

Read to find out

~connie ��


15. there were two now there are three

9 months later*

It had been 9 months since I found out I was pregnant . I was due any day now and me and Calum was in the house watching twilight . When I let out a scream and Calum shot up and asked me what's wrong . M.. My waters have just broke I cried and Calum ran out of the house and then ran back inside picked me up and ran outside and shoved me in the car and then running back inside of the house and then he came back out on the phone and Locked the door and jumped into the car and started the engine . CALUM!!!!!!!!!! I scream he grabbed my hand and held it tight whilst singing to American idiot by greenday . CALUM FOR FUCK SAKE STOP SINGING I AM IN FUCKING LABOUR!!!!. I shouted at him and then we arrived at the hospital . My hair was all bushy and my makeup was all smudged . I screamed at the top of my lungs as Calum picked me up and rushed me into the house . Then I realised I haven't spoken or heard from Luke or ash or Michael in god knows how long they don't even know that I am pregnant let alone in labour. Calum quick get my phone I say crying whilst in pain . Ok but why Calum asks confused . It doesn't matter why just give me my fucking phone. I called Luke first and practically yelled down the phone for him to get Michael and Ashton and to get to the hospital a soon as possible plz . I was rushed into a room where Calum laid me on the bed and sat beside me and held my hand and told me everything was going to be ok . Ok on 1 2 3 PUSH the doctor told me . I did it whilst screaming . Just then the door burst open and Luke came running in . sir were going to have to ask you to leave . But I am here brother Luke stated . Plz can he stay I chocked out crying . Well if you insist then I guess so . Calum was on my right holding my right hand and Luke was on my left holding my left hand and kissing it and reassuring me it would be ok. Just then the doctor said that he could see the baby's head and told me to push again . I did and with that I heard a cry and the doctor said that I have had a baby boy . Just then the doctor said there was two more babies . WHAT!!!!!! Me and Calum and Luke all screamed in unison. 20 mins later I had given birth to two beautiful baby girls and one handsome baby boy . The doctors had left and it was just ME, Calum,Ashton,Luke,And Michael and the baby's in the room . We was trying to decided what to call them . We have decided to call them ABBIE,SOPHIA,AND ASHTON Jr.

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