Teenage memories .C.H.

Will Calum and holly get married or will Luke do something he will regret for the rest of his life

Read to find out

~connie ��


9. the unexpected

After we picked Michael up Luke and Ashton and Michael all went home but Calum had something in store for me . Calum were are we going". You will see you will love it .

1 hour later*

We pulled up to a beach house it was right next to the beach and the sun was shining . OMG this beautiful Calum . Oh wow wouldn't u like to live in a house like that omg that's so amazing . "Eh holly there is something I need to tell you but don't freak out ok". Ok Calum what is it . Well that's our new house . OMG CALUM YOUR THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!. I scream a I jump into Calum's arms . He then takes that opportunity to carry me bridal style . We walk inside the big house . And it is full of our furniture . I walk up stairs and into a bed room it was amazing .

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