Teenage memories .C.H.

Will Calum and holly get married or will Luke do something he will regret for the rest of his life

Read to find out

~connie ��


16. the accident

It was the baby's first birthday and me and Calum was setting up the garden for the baby's party . When I realise that I have forgot the milk so I say to Calum that I am just running to the shop and I run out of the door and into the car . Jesus of suburbia by greenday came on I was singing at the top of my voice when suddenly a black van cut in front of me and made me panic but it was too late . I was already spinning out of control and the last thing I saw was the road upside down and then it went black .

Calum's P.O.V

It has been hours since holly left for the shop so I decide to call her I told luke Ashton and Michael to watch the triplets for a minute . Just then my phone started ringing . Hello I said into the phone hello is this Calum hood . Yes it is why I asked confused . Well holly hemmings has been rushed into hospital with fatal injuries and we don't know how long she will last . Ok I am on my way I say and hang up I shout Luke my voice cracked I was tearing up . Luke comes running in . Dude what's up woah are you crying . Yes I say . Luke just laughs . Luke this isn't funny it's holly . What what's wrong with holly . S.. She's i.. In .. T... The ... H... Hospital I stutter crying they don't know how long she has left I say . Luke's eyes start filling up with water . Luke takes the kids and drops them off whilst me and Michael and Ashton rush to the hospital . I run into the hospital . And run to the desk . Holly hemmings I say . Room 4567 on floor 5 thankyou I say before running to the lift . I get to the room . And I enter not even listing to my name being called by Michael and Ashton . I see her laid on the bed she was lifeless she had millions on wires on her and a heart monitor that kept beeping every so often I sat beside her I grabbed her hand and made a promise to her that will change my life completely . Holly it's me Calum the doctor said that you can hear me so I am going to make you a promise . If you don't make it through this then I promise i will take good care of our children . But your the strongest woman I have ever met I know you can pull through this . I said trying not to cry just then all of the monitors started beeping and nurses came in and pushed me out

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