Teenage memories .C.H.

Will Calum and holly get married or will Luke do something he will regret for the rest of his life

Read to find out

~connie ��


12. SEX

Calum lifts up my shirt and takes it off . I do the same to him . He then slowly unbuttons my jeans putting his hands inside of my pants before removing my jeans . I then take off his trousers . And we are both in our underwear . He unclips my bra and he lets it fall to the ground . I then look him in the eyes before asking if it was ok to take off his boxers . He said it was fine . So I slowly slid his boxers off . He then slid off my pants . We was both fully naked now . He picked me up and laid me on the bed he then hovered over me . Are you sure you want to do this he asks me I nod and he slowly inserts his dick into me . I am not going to lie it hurt like hell but it was so good . He started thrusting in and out . Harder harder I screamed he then speeded up . I want you to scream my name he said whist letting the sweat drip from his forehead . Oh CALUM!!!!!!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs . I am almost there holly Calum said 1 2 3 and he removed himself from me and laid beside me . That was good he said out of breathe . Yes it was I replied before falling asleep .

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