Teenage memories .C.H.

Will Calum and holly get married or will Luke do something he will regret for the rest of his life

Read to find out

~connie ��


8. don't leave Michael

Just then a doctor comes out . Are you here for mr Clifford . Yes we are me and Luke both jump up . Is he ok can we see him . Mr Clifford is going to be fine . But he's sleeping at the moment so when you go in be quite and don't disturb him . Ok thanks . And with that the doctor walks away . Me and Ashton make our way into Michael's room . As we enter we see Michael laid on the bed with lots of wires attached to him . I take the seat next to him and Ashton takes the seat at the end of his bed . Michael if you can hear us buddy were here for you and we believe in you . Luke says crying into Michael's chest . But suddenly all of the machines start to go off and all of the doctors start rushing in and pushing me and Ashton out . What's going on in there said a familiar voice . I turned round to see holly stood there with Calum . I couldn't get the words out So I screamed at the top of my lungs MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Just then a doctor came out and said there is good news and bad news . And we all say tell us please . And the doctor says ok the good news is that Michael will be ok but the bad news is that he has suffered from depression in the past and has tried to kill himself and it might happen again and if it does we won't be able to save him . We was so happy . So when does he get discharged Ashton asks . Tomorrow morning at 9:00am so I suggest that you go home and get some rest and then pick him up tomorrow . And with that been said the doctor walked away and we went home.

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