Hustle (Cole Pendery)

Ally Rojas. The younger sister of Marcus Rojas and his twin Kim Rojas. What will happen when an old friend comes back from tour?


2. TWO


I finally changed into different clothes. Marcus said that we're having company over.

K: "Summer is here"!

I haven't seen Summer since her dad and my mom split a couple years ago.

S: "Hey Ally, long time no see".

A: "Hey Summer, I didn't know you were in Texas".

S: "Yeah, my dad got transferred back here to Texas".

Her dad was transferred to Canada and now he's back, great. Not.

M: "Where are you two staying"?

S: "We were thinking here with you guys"?

I looked at Marcus shaking my head no.

M: "We don't have enough room here, we don't live in the big house with our mom anymore".

I exhaled. Thank god.

S: "Oh well I guess we'll get a hotel, see you guys again soon".

Once she left I looked at Marcus.

A: "Marc, who's our guests"?

As I said that 3 boys came in the door.

M: "Cole, Gabe, Dana"!

Marcus hugged the boys.

I haven't seen them in a while.

C: "Hey man"!

Cole and Marcus are bestfriends.

K: "Hey boys".

Kim hugged them.

D: "Hey babe".

Dana and Kim have been dating for a year now.

G: "Well we can't forget my favourite Rojas".

A: "Ha, hi Gabriel".

I hugged Gabe, then Dana. Cole and I just kinda stared at eachother.

C: "Hey beautiful".

He looks so much more attractive since the last I've seen him.

A: "Hi handsome".

He hugged me which felt like forever.

A: "Are you guys on a break or is your Tour done"?

The boys laughed.

G: "Tour is done, but we're working on new music".

A: "I know, I've seen UStreams and tweets".

D: "Anyways enough about us, aren't you graduating this year little ASauce"?

Ugh I hate it when he calls me that.

A: "Yes, and you know not to call me that Dana".

D: "Haha, oops, forgot".

I smacked his arm lightly.

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