Hustle (Cole Pendery)

Ally Rojas. The younger sister of Marcus Rojas and his twin Kim Rojas. What will happen when an old friend comes back from tour?




We all went out to lunch then just chilled out in their back yard.

M: "So when's the next show"?

G: "VidconaPop, is the next show we're doing".

We have been making new songs. My favourite one we made is You Already Know.

D: "We could sing you guys the new one we're going to perform at the show".

They all nodded.

Marcus has a big porch in their backyard which we always love to use to rehearse at his house.

C: "Yeah, let's do it"!

We walked over to the porch, Dana plugged his phone into the speakers outside.

As we sang Kim, Ally, and Marcus instantly started singing along and danced.

A: "That was amazing"!

She was smiling brightly.

C: "Well you guys should come to VindconaPop with us".

Ally and Kim looked at Marcus.

M: "Sure, that'd be awesome".

It got darker and we all sat around the bonfire.

I am sitting with Ally in one of the 3 love seats.

Gabe invited Alex over and is siting with her in the other love seat.

Dana and Kim are sitting in the third love seat.

Marcus is sitting alone on his lawn chair.

K: "I wonder what you're going to do for prom Ally".

A: "Not sure yet, but I'm hoping that Zack will ask me".

M: "Are you talking about the Zack that dated Georgia before"?

Everyone instantly looked over at Ally.

A: "Yeah, that Zack".

K: "He's the reason you and Georgia aren't friends anymore".

Alex: "Why would you want to date the guy who took your friend away"?

A: "He's changed since Georgia moved away".

Marcus and Kim don't look to happy about this Zack guy.

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