Hustle (Cole Pendery)

Ally Rojas. The younger sister of Marcus Rojas and his twin Kim Rojas. What will happen when an old friend comes back from tour?


1. ONE


I'm in the locker room with Tina getting ready for soccer tryouts.

T: "So Marcus is picking you up"?

A:" Yeah, I told him he could either come early and watch, or come later after tryouts".

Marcus is my older brother.

K: "ALLY"!?

My sister Kim came into the locker room. Kim and Marcus are twins. I'm just a year younger than them.

A: "What's up"?

K: "Marcus is here and he's going to watch your tryouts".

A: "Okay. Thanks Kim".

She nodded and went outside to the bleachers with Marcus.

Tina and I headed out to the field for the tryouts.

M: "You can do it little sis"!

Marcus cheered, making me, Tina, and Kim laugh.

Once we finished tryouts the coach said she will post them next week.

M: "You did great, and you too Tina".

K: "You guys will definitely be on the team".

Tina and I are in our last year of high school.

A: "Marc, would you be able to drive Tina home, her parents are late".

M: "Yeah, come on girls lets go".

We all got into Marcus' car, dropped Tina off and drove home.

I went to my room to take a shower and change out of my sweaty clothes.

K: "Hurry cause I need to shower too weirdo"!

Kim yelled up to me from downstairs.

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