Hustle (Cole Pendery)

Ally Rojas. The younger sister of Marcus Rojas and his twin Kim Rojas. What will happen when an old friend comes back from tour?




I don't want my little sister to go to her own prom with a douche like Zack. Ally, Tina, and Georgia used to do everything together, until Zack came along and never let Georgia see Tina and Ally.

K: "Marc, she can't go with him".

M: "I know, we need a plan".

It's just Dana, Kim, and I in the living room right now because Ally, Gabe, Alex, and Cole are all still outside by the fire.

D: "Maybe we should let it happen, and then go on from there".

We both looked at Dana.

K: "That's not a bad plan babe".

Dana had a point.

Ally wants to go with him so we'll go on from there then.

M: "Good idea Dana".

We grabbed the drinks then went back outside to the others.

A: "What took you guys so long"?

M: "Couldn't find the right drinks".

K: "So what were you guys talking about before we came out"?

Kim sat back down with Dana, and I say back down in my chair.

C: "Just about VidconaPop".

G: "Maybe Cole and Ally can do a dance to start up the show and get the crowd ready".

D: "Sounds likes good idea to me".

A: "I guess I could whip up something".

My sister has done a bunch of competitions, I think her and Cole dancing would bring them together again.

K: "And I know the perfect song for you guys".

K&AM: "Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato"!

The song was the perfect one for them to do.

M: "Creepy that you guys said it at the same time, but I like the song".

Ally looked at Cole.

A: "I'm in if you are"?

C: "I'm in"!

Alex and Kim high fived and everyone started laughing because Gabe and Dana both got elbowed in the head.

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