Hustle (Cole Pendery)

Ally Rojas. The younger sister of Marcus Rojas and his twin Kim Rojas. What will happen when an old friend comes back from tour?





I headed over to Ally's house to get ready for school with her tomorrow, also her birthday is tomorrow. Marcus had a surprise for her that he wanted me to pick out the right gift. Marcus, Cole, and I headed to a car dealership to get Ally her first car since she has her g2 already.

T: "Her favourite car is this 1967 Chevy Impala, or any Impala".

The worker showed us a black 2014 Impala.

M: "This is the car".

Marcus pointed to the old car.

C: "She'll love this car".

Cole smiled as he looked at the car. He likes her! I need to try and get him to ask her to prom. Kim and Marcus told me about Dana's plan and we all know that Zach is just going to ask her, then get rid of her 3 days before prom.

T: "Cole did you go to your prom when you were in school"?

He stopped looking at the car and looked at me.

C: "Uh, no, I was on tour with these guys and wasn't able to go".

That's when an idea clicked. Later after school I met up with Kim and Marcus to tell them my idea.

T: "Okay so I know how Dana thought of getting Cole to ask her, well I just found out he never went to prom which gives me the idea of getting him to find the cutest way to ask her".

They nodded.

T: "He should also-".

I was cut off from screaming and a thud. We ran upstairs to where the scream came from. It was from Ally's room.

A: "Fucking jerk"!

T: "Woah, Ally, what's wrong"?

She sat on her bed and I sat beside her. Her phone was across the room on the floor. Shattered.

A: "He blew me off, a week before prom".

She put her head on my shoulder and I rubbed her back.

A: "He kept texting me, asking me for nudes, when I kept saying no he got pissed, called me and started yelling at me.. I said no again just a couple minutes ago he said..".

K: "Said what"?

A: "He said 'Have fun at school and going to prom alone slut' and I just didn't answer at all".

I looked over at Marcus. He was clenching his fists.

A: "I asked him why he's being this way and he said because I was hanging out with Cole a lot since you guys got back, he said that I can't hangout with Cole if I want a date to prom".

M: "Where's this dude, I knew this would happen".

A: "It won't solve anything Marc".

M: "He asked my little sister for nudes! Called her a slut! And said she can't hangout with one of her friends"!

K: "He deserves what he's gonna get Ally".

M: "I'm not letting him get away with this"!

T: "He lives just down the road at the blue house, number 12".

Marcus left the house, we followed a little bit behind. We all see Marcus pulling Zack outside to the front yard by his collar.

M: "You think you can get away with asking my sister for nudes, and calling her a slut"?!

Z: "What's your problem dude"?

M: "My problem is that I don't like guys like you talking to my sister"!

Marcus punched Zack a couple times until his nose and eyebrow was bleeding. He finally got off of him.

M: "Stay away from my sister"!

Marcus walked over to us and hugged Ally.

M: "I'm never letting anyone treat you this way, ever again".


I've never seen Marcus like this before and honestly I'm just glad to have someone like him with me.

T: "Let's get back to the house and we'll figure something out about prom".

We all head back to the house. Tina, Kim, and I sit up in my room and I try turning on my phone.

A: "Great".

T: "We'll get you a new one".

I sighed and laid back on my bed.

~ Next Day ~

I get up from my bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Once I got out, I got dressed and headed downstairs. I see Cole, Gabe, Alex, Dana, Marcus, Kim, Tina, and Georgia.


A: "Oh my god".

I covered my mouth.

"Oh my god you guys"! 

I hugged my friends.

"Go look outside". 

I walked to the front door and opened it, when i stepped out the door i couldn't believe what i saw in the drive way.

"No way"!

They got me the 2014 Chevy Impala.

"Yes way"! 

I ran over to Marcus and hugged him.

"Go take a look".

I let go of my brother and walked over to the car.

I looked inside to see an iphone 6 rose gold, i looked at Tina.

"I saved enough for you".

I then looked into the back seat.

"what the"? 

Once i opened the doors to see what it was, balloons flew out the door.

The word 'PROM?" stood out to me on a sign laying on the back seat.

I looked up and over to my friends, Cole disappeared.

"Where did he g-".

I was cut off by someone clearing their throat behind me.

I turn around to see Cole behind me with flowers.

"Will you go to your prom with me"?

I smiled as he gave me the flowers.


I hugged him.

"Best birthday ever"! 

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