The Half Blood's King

Four Months after the events of "Cure the night", Ethan has settled down into his new personality, his new responsibility, everything seemed alright but it is darkest just before dawn.


3. SUV

Victor was silent, it was so unusual of him, he normally had something to say in his thunderous voice, but instead Ethan watched him bow his head, interlocking his fingers on the table, sitted on his king sized chair, dressed in his red robe.

Ethan was uneasy on his seat too, the dream was alarming but he begged this to differ, maybe it was just a nightmare, a fabrication of his imagination, but he knew better, he foresaw Darri’s capture three months ago and this felt even more real no matter how he wanted to deny it, but his courage overshadowed his fears, it was time the half bloods stopped living in fear and deal with this threat ‘Draco’ once and for all, he had voiced this opinion after he told Victor the dream.

“Ethan” Victor spoke at last with his characteristic thunderous voice, his eyes as red as ever. “for many years, I have eluded Draco, I have hidden, far from his reach, I was beginning to think he had given up, the events in the valley has awoken him, we struck the first blow after so many years of virtual peace”. He growled, raising his gaze, “Death was never inevitable for me, I have killed so many people than you can possibly think of. Of course I was on his side then, I was ignorant; satisfying my thirst for blood as I thought was right, we all must atone for our sins”.

Ethan couldn’t help but feel Victor was giving up, “I don’t get it” he said, narrowing his gaze.

“There is something you don’t know Ethan. What the curer foresees, he foresees, it cannot be changed, it must happen one way or the other, no matter how you try to avoid it”.

Ethan felt his stomach turn, “It might be a warning, not necessarily the future”.

Victor remained silent for about 30 seconds. “The safety of this community of half bloods is of much importance”

“Fu*k that!” Ethan said, his courteous speaking he normally adopts around Victor going out the window. “You are the only one that can ensure they are safe! Without you, its all sh*t, we cannot let this happen…”

“Ethan!” Victor roared, the pictures on the wall around the hall shook, “Listen to me, you are the curer!, I am the king of the half bloods, we want the same thing but I decide what we do, how we do it and when to do it”.

Ethan felt a chill, he had once witnessed this rage but never one directed at him. He wasn’t in agreement, he would make his case even if that meant Victor would have to tear open his carotid arteries, of course he couldn’t do that, he was the curer.

“So what is the plan?” he asked, pretending to be on same page.

“On the event of my demise, I am passing this mantle to you, you shall keep them safe.”

Ethan scuffed, “What are you implying?”

“you become the half blood’s king”

“what about Darris?”

“He knows”

Ethan couldn’t believe Victor was going down with a whimper, he expected more from a tough looking vampire.

“I trust you Ethan, you will keep them safe”

Ethan stood, leaning on the table, “I will do everything I can to stop this mother fu*ker, Draco, with or without your help, I will not let anything happen to you or anyone else, fuck the dream, I’ll change the future”, Ethan turned, walking towards the exit, he stopped, ”Amber will be distraught without you, and I get to feel that emotion too” he said without looking back.




Outside the barn, a disguise for the underground community of vampires, the sun shone bright, the brown weeds swayed under the light breeze, Ethan looked around, admiring the landscape, the barn was so isolated in the middle of nowhere. He reached into his pocket, pulling out his sun glasses and wearing it, he looked once more at the sun, not so bright anymore. Ethan knew he looked like a rock star, his permed hair, sparkling suit and inners with red tie, his trousers increased in circumference as you go down his lower limbs. His shoes had a pointed tip, shiny black and sparkling. Ethan pressed his car remote, the yellow Bugatti honked and head lights flashed, he entered the car, gripping the wheel; the gate was already being opened by some guards. He glanced at the barn again, disappointed in Victor’s resolve. He started the ignition and rode out through the opened gates into the lone and lonely dusty road.




The narrow road widened eventually, It could fit two cars now, it was lonely, flanked by more brown grasses at both sides, but after riding past this road several times, Ethan was used to the boring journey. Sky met earth at all cardinal points, the sun was directly on Ethan’s face, he had to let down the visor, keeping the sun rays from his eyes. The car was at a 96Kmph speed, Ethan thought that was slow but going faster might cause some damage to the car because the road was uneven.

Ahead a vehicle approached, Ethan tried to recognize it but he couldn’t, it was an SUV, its speed was over the top, wobbling because of the road, raising a lot of dust as it was coming head to head with Ethan.

“What the fu*k?” Ethan muttered, his hands gripping the wheels, he was ready to turn off the road into the bushes. The approaching SUV seemed to slow down, it was more into his range of view now, the glasses were tainted.

The SUV grinded to a halt some meters away, Ethan hit the break, staying on the road. He reached for his sword on the front passenger seat, he changed his mind, that wouldn’t be of much help here, he opened his glove compartment, pulling out his revolver, it’s a good thing he bought a bullet proof car, he thought.

Whoever was in the SUV had all the time in the world as the vehicle stood there, nobody stepped out. Ethan was getting tired of this; he hit the horn button, blaring the horns into nothingness, still no response.

Whoever this person is, he or she was on a road that led to the secret hide out, they would have to through him first. Ethan picked his phone, calling Darris on speed dial.

“hey man, whatssup?” Darris cheerfully answered, the sound of music in the background.

“Where are you?” Ethan asked.

“Miles away, with a friend” Darris said, putting emphasis on ‘friend’

“sh*t! okay I gotta go”

“Any problem dude?” Darris asked

“Something is up, a…” Ethan was distracted when the SUV started blaring its own horn continuously without any stop, it was incredibly loud.

“Are you taking driving lessons?” Darris asked, hearing the loud horn through the phone call.

The SUV  continued blaring its horn as the bushes to Ethan’s left started giving way, something big was coming and it rumbled.

“Shit! I gotta go” Ethan said, ending the call and tossing the phone, he put the car on reverse, but just then, a heavy truck burst through, hitting his car. Ethan felt the car lift the ground, sky went down, earth went up and a crashing sound was the last thing he heard.

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