The Half Blood's King

Four Months after the events of "Cure the night", Ethan has settled down into his new personality, his new responsibility, everything seemed alright but it is darkest just before dawn.


4. Sins of the Father

The room was dark, Ethan could not see a thing, his head ached, his back too, he lay on what was definitely a bed, he moved his head, trying to find a light, anything, but it was all complete darkness.

“Hello” he said, “Where the fu*k am i?”

He tried to move his arms but his wrists were restrained to the bed, he couldn’t move his feet too.

“What the fu*k?”

A bright florescence came on, the light hurt his eyes, he closed them shut immediately, adjusting his sight, soon he could see clearly. He looked around, it was some sort of hospital, a screen limited his view to his left and right but he could see through a defect between the screen and the wall. There was a middle aged man in the other compartment to his right, the man looked relaxed and was on oxygen. He looked to his left, a very little girl, probably six to eight years old with blonde hair, she seemed asleep too, an ECG connected to her chest and a blood bag connected to her throat.

Ethan looked at himself, he was on a patients outfit like the others, the beeping machine connected to his bare chest, exposed by the outfit, but unlike the others which had a blood infusion right through their throats, he had a clear fluid through his right arm. Ethan tried to get free again to no avail.

“Stop doing that, they will hurt you” a small voice said, Ethan looked to his left, it was the little girl.

“Hey” Ethan said, “I’m Ethan”, trying to create a friendly atmosphere.

“I’m Lana” She said

“Hey Lana, why are you here? What happened? What is this place?” Ethan asked, limiting his questions, not wanting to ask too much.

“The bad guys, they brought us here, they killed many people, they even killed Mike, they will hurt me, please don’t let them hurt me”. She said pleadingly.

Ethan felt a stab in his heart, he felt pity. On a closer look, he saw her canines, and it dawned on him, she was a vampire, that explained the blood bags, she was being fed.

“Okay, I promise nothing is going to happen okay?”

She nodded.

“Where did you say they killed Mike?”

“At our house, under the floor”

Ethan’s heart paced, she was definitely talking about the barn, what must have happened? He tried getting free from the restraints again.

“Stop it” Lana said.

“I will listen to her if I were you” someone said, as she walked in.

Ethan glanced at her, it was Christy, his wife’s best friend.

“Christy, what the fu*k happened? Why am I Fu*king tied to this bed?”

“You know, I always wondered why the curer was such a big figure among the vampires” She said, her arms crossed, her brown hair sprawled over her shoulders on her white ward coat, she also had a nerdy glass on. “…but then I figured it out, the curer isn’t much of a big deal, what really is the deal is our fear of him, take that out and he is a mere human”

“What the fu*k is wrong with you? What is this? Where is Amber?” Ethan asked angrily

“Same question I’ve been asking myself, I should be asking you” She replied

“Stop this bullsh*t, take these sh*ts off me”

Christy clicked her tongue, “Always so bossy, you should be grateful you are still alive, Draco wanted you dead, I just prolonged it, not prevent it, you are now our lab rat.”

“Draco?”Ethan asked, confused, his anger momentarily stepping aside.

“What? You’re surprised? You really didn’t think I was enjoying being with those weaklings, do you? With their good for nothing leader, Victor”

“What did you do?” Ethan asked

“Relax, all I did was tell Draco the location of the barn and how he has been deceived all these while, you should see the look on his face when I told him.”

“You bit*h!” Ethan moved violently but the restrains held him back again.

“Really? Me a bit*h?” Christy walked towards the bed, she pulled a stool, sitting at the bed side. “Lets see, what do you call someone who breaks a sacred code of sticking his d*ck in only vampires like him, resulting in abominations like myself coming into existence and when my father though he was a jerk too, anyways, he repented and wanted back to the righteous way of Draco, Victor killed him in front of my eyes, what is the masculine for bit*ch?”

Ethan watched, wide eyed.

“He isn’t who he says he is, Victor is a serial killer, am acclaimed blood sucker, he had killed more people than you can imagine and such a person cannot turn into a saint overnight and be the savior of all” She said.

“Even if I believe you, why now? Why are you fu*king holding me here, just fu*king kill me, or I’ll kill you” Ethan said

Christy laughed, standing up from the stool, she crossed her arms again, “it’s always about, you, you, you, it’s not my job to kill you, and oh; why are you here? You are contributing to the work of science, you should be proud” She said as she paced to and fro. “like I said, we just have to take away the fear and you become a mere human, for months I’ve studied the biology of vampires, such living creatures yet dead in some way, but it’s unfair really, one specie having an edge over another, so I tried creating a vaccine for this so called curer. Why the hell could he cure only the full bloods? It’s unfair, you’ve got to say. Eureka! I made it”. She reached for her pockets, bringing out a blue vial. “Here it is, the first Vaccine of many to come, you my dear can no longer cure the full bloods once I get this into all of them. Think of a world where the curer can no longer cure anyone, he ceases to exist”. She smiled wickedly.

“Oh, I also forgot to say I am this close to bio genetically engineering the cells of full bloods, soon they will be able to walk in the sun like us.”

“You bit*ch!” Ethan cursed again

“Don’t get angry sir Ethan, Come on, Cheer up. Draco showed me the way, I was blinded by the disguise of Victor for too long. I wonder if you would be shown the way too, given you will no longer be a threat after the vaccination but……that is highly unlikely now, isn’t it? Because you killed his brother, someone who is years older than you, where is the respect in that? Plus you left a little Child all alone with that act.”

A young lad with a hood walked in, Ethan immediately recognized him, he was the hooded figure at the party.

“Meet Klane, the son of Elias, the one you murdered” Christy said

Ethan glanced at Klane, his features were very much like his late father, not that Ethan got to see him much. His angular face, red eyes and fangs that kept his mouth from fully closing, he was definitely full blood.

Klane took off his hood.

“He will have the privilege of killing you” Christy said to Ethan.

“Elias tried to kill us and I will fu*king kill him over and over again with much pleasure” Ethan said.

That clearly infuriated Klane as he whooshed towards Ethan with the amazing speed of a vampire. Ethan closed his eyes and felt a blade kiss his neck but that was about it. He opened his eyes, Klane held the blade to his neck but he was restrained by Christy who had suddenly reached Klane, holding his arm.

“Not now boy, you’ll get your kill” Christy said as she took the blade from Klane. She wore him his hood and started walking him out. “Oh and if you’re trying to contact Amber, wherever she is, with that mind thing, you can’t, I’ve got a drug in your system for that too. Isn’t science so amazing?” She said as they walked out.

Ethan felt anger, he shook violently, trashing around, shouting on top of his voice.



“I’ll kill you!, I’ll fu*king kill you!”

“Stop it, they’ll hurt you” Lana warned

Ethan continued his violent tussle but just then he felt a great shock of electricity at the back of his neck, the wave draining out the effort in him, he lost his energy, his fight. He slowly turned his head to Lana as he loosed consciousness.

“I told you” She said.

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