The Half Blood's King

Four Months after the events of "Cure the night", Ethan has settled down into his new personality, his new responsibility, everything seemed alright but it is darkest just before dawn.


2. It Was Just a Dream

The huge fire burnt with great ferocity, the sun scorched the ground adding to the enormous heat. The barn was on fire, the underground community that the half bloods called home, from within the flames a figure walked out, he was battered, his robe burnt and discolored, he was weak, stumbling several times as he walked. It was Victor. Ethan moved hastily towards him, wanting to offer help, he was closing the distance between them, Victor crawling desperately, Ethan running as fast as he could through the fields.

Victor’s legs gave way as he fell, hands and knees on the ground, he raised his head and with a slicing sound, an arrow pierced through his head.

“Victor!” Ethan exclaimed, just about reaching him moments after the arrow did the damage. Ethan caught the falling Victor, holding him in his arms as he went on his knees, he was overcome with grief, his hands shook with fear.

“no no no, wake up! Wake up!, fu*king move or say something”

Victor’s body was lifeless, his formerly red eyes turned dark, the arrow still lodged across his head. The wind blew and the body turned into dust bit by bit till Ethan held nothing.

“you are all nothing, I will wipe each and every one of you from existence” a voice said with a growl.

Ethan raised his gaze to see the much familiar figure talking.

“Draco!” Ethan said with snarl and clenched teeth. He unsheathed his sword hung at his back, rising up to his feet, anger was within him, it boiled over.

“you are no match for me you human!” Draco taunted, the sun turned dark, the wind blew stronger, darkness immediately covered the place.

Ethan walked, then paced, then ran towards Draco, his sword ready to strike. Draco stood, his eyes redder, his fangs in full display, his growl louder.



“Ethan wake up!”

Ethan opened his eyes with a gasp, sitting up straight away.

“You’re having a nightmare” Amber said, sitting up beside him on the bed.

Ethan ruffled his black hair, sighing heavily; he was sweating even in the cold room. He glanced at her, trying to put up a smile.

“Hey, thanks for pulling me out of that shit”.

“what was it about?” she asked

He was about to open up his mouth but he held back, she shouldn’t know about this, if Victor was in any kind of danger, he will deal with it himself, the last thing she needed on top of her four months old pregnancy was a worrying mind. Ethan glanced at her protruded tummy, it was bigger than it should be, one of the perks of being a vampire, the rush of joy flowing through him again.

“nothing serious” he said

He felt a stabbing pain, for having to lie to her. But he knew her, she was so emotional, she would get sick as hell if he told her, that made him feel more like protecting her than lying to her.

“look honey, you’re the curer, you know your dreams aren’t just mere, if it is something important, you should…”

“shhhh” Ethan hushed her mid sentence, placing his right thumb on her naturally red lip. “its nothing really, don’t worry about it”. He quickly cemented that with a kiss, exploring her mouth with his tongue. Then he felt her, trying to encroach his mind, but he shut her out, quickly breaking up the kiss. He had learned how to control the passage into his mind; he could shut her out but had never had any reason to do so until now. He wouldn’t want her reading his mind now.

He tried to look at her face, it must be throwing daggers now. Ethan climbed off the bed, he had just a blue boxer shot on.

The room was wide and spacious, a pent house, it offered a great view of the entire city, the building was one of the tallest, it could be seen from miles away, sparkling in the sun and bright and luminous at night, the lower floors were for his business dealings, part of his multi-billion company, specialized in Estate lending.

The clock read 4am, the sun wasn’t coming up until two hours, Ethan walked to the exquisite mini-bar, finely stuffed with almost all expensive wines one could think of. He opened the glass slide, the chill air hitting his bare chest. He reached for a Matthew Simpson Wine, one of his favorites, pouring some into a glass cup, sitting at the mini bar.

“want some?” he joked

Her gaze was locked on him, but he couldn’t tell if she was sad, angry or worried.

“I and Christy are going for some Yoga stuff by sunrise, she kind of suggested it” She surprisingly deviated much to his relief.

He took a sip, “sounds great, ummm, ill drop by the barn today, want to see your father”

“sounds great” She mimicked, laying down again, clearly she was pissed.

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