The Half Blood's King

Four Months after the events of "Cure the night", Ethan has settled down into his new personality, his new responsibility, everything seemed alright but it is darkest just before dawn.


1. I Saw Something....or someone

The Moon was up on a very noisy night, The music blared, getting louder and louder as Ethan approached in his new  yellow Bugatti Sport car. The engines roared as he hit the gas, slowing down as he approached the compound, the gates opened and he drove into the compound, finding a convenient parking spot where he killed the engines.

The party was already up and running, it was that time of the month again, the party was a monthly routine. The compound was huge enough to size the titanic, with several swimming pools, fire torches lit around, the whole place was alive.

Ethan stepped out of his car, pressing the car button, the wing side doors descended and locked. Ethan was dressed in his jean, sneakers and rock star jackets that made him look more of a pop star, but that was the idea. His black hair, relaxed to perfection. He en-sheathed his favorite toy, well weapon, hanging it over his back, there was no greater love than the one he has for his sword, well, except the one he had for Amber. Ever since he had trained himself in the art of sword fighting, he had felt so attached to the weapon.

Ethan turned, heading for the noisy party, the sight of a familiar face made him smile.

“look whose here!” A beaming Darris said, arms open wide as he came in for a hug, he was in his trademark knee length shorts and lakers top, dude must have tons of them.

Ethan got pulled into a friendly, tight hug, air escaped his lungs and he felt like his bones would be crushed by his younger yet super-strong In-law and best friend. The hug finally came to an end, much to Ethan’s relief. Ethan beamed back a smile

“what’s up man”? Ethan greeted

“cool bro! wow! Is that your ride? Wicked!” Darris said, referring to the Bugatti sports car.

“just got her” Ethan replied

“lets join the party” Darris tugged at Ethan “This Month’s the bomb!”

Ethan laughed, following behind a fun drunk Darris.

“hi Ethan” Several cliques of girls waved at Ethan, Ethan responded with a little wave back on each occasion, prompting some giggling among the girls. Darris led him straight to the VIP section, A table sat, with several drinks and some comfy seats were arranged around it. Ethan took a seat, but was surprised when Darris didn’t follow suit, Whooshing away in great speed to the DJ spot, momentarily stopping the music.

“Everyone! Guess who just landed, its Mr Curer, Ethan!” Darris said into the microphone.

Everyone cheered, whistled and clapped, Well he didn’t want such a notice but what could he do? Ethan waved around. The music came on again as Darris returned, taking a seat across the table.

“so, I heard you bought a new business” Darris said, shouting a little to win over the loud music.

“Yeah, its fu*king small though, planning on expanding” Ethan replied.

“cool, how is my sister?”

Amber, Ethan’s mate, it was about three weeks since their marriage, she was already pregnant before then, leading to rushed plans, but the pregnancy had been slower than expected, according to Victor, her father, she would carry the child for up to twelve months.

“she is okay, couldn’t come, medical reasons”

Darris immediately wore a knowing smile. “ahhhh! I get you dude, because of what you did to her” he illustrated a round tummy

“Fu*k you!” Ethan said in between a laugh

“here, lets buzz up!” Darris raised a wine bottle, filling two glass cups on the table. Ethan picked the cup, clinking it with Darris’ before pouring the contents at once into his mouth. The taste was very sharp at first but then it died down to a sweet fruity taste. Darris wasted no time in refilling the cups, so typical of him.

Ethan momentarily glanced away from the ‘drunk’ hunting Darris, casting his gaze on the partying crowd, the dancing youths, the chatting men, the laughing women, the gossiping girls and betting boys, everyone was happy, the half bloods were happy. At the far end, close to the bar, a figure stood, too opaque to see clearly due to the poor lighting at that area. The hooded figure had hands in pocket, too small in stature to be an original. Ethan watched in intent, a tap on his shoulder distracted him, prompting him to glance back at Darris who was waiting for another gulp round. Ethan clinked his glass with his again, glancing back at the direction of the mysterious figure as he gulped down the wine. The figure was no longer there.

“What?” Darris asked, probably noticing Ethan’s lack of concentration.

“I thought I fu*king saw someone” Ethan said


“over there” Ethan pointed at the direction

“don’t tell me you’re already hallucinating in just two rounds” Darris said, totally unconcerned about the direction Ethan was pointing.

Ethan shook his head, he will make no headway bringing up such an issue, especially now that Darris was on a drink.

“I’ll be back, Lemme use the bathroom” Ethan excused himself, that was the only way he could get himself away from Darris’ company for just some minutes.

Ethan walked towards the direction where he last saw the figure, avoiding collisions with some drunks on his way, he reached the spot, looking around, there was a dark corner just behind the bar. Ethan took the corner, this part was dark, a light malfunctioned, coming on on few intervals but remaining off for most times. The light flashed again and Ethan saw a figure move at great speed.

“wait!” he yelled, un-sheathing his sword, just in case it was a vampire, he ran blindly until the clouds gave way and a shred of moonlight shone, lighting up the place a little bit, he ran on until he was greeted by the tall wall fence, it was either the person had wings or was an exceptional climber.

“what are you doing”? a feminine voice asked behind him.

Ethan turned to see Christy, a short half blood girl, one of Amber’s best friend, she was a nurse and a half blood , she had been of great help since Amber’s pregnancy.

“umm…. Just checking around” Ethan said, he was going to sound stupid if he came out straight.

“with a sword? More like you’re vampire hunting” Christy said with a little laugh

“well… I thought I saw something”

“there are many drunk people here Ethan, and speaking of drunk, you better get back to Darris or he’ll kill you, literally” Christy said sarcastically as she walked away.

Ethan looked around once more again in a quick swipe, disappointed at finding nothing, with a sigh, he gave up and headed back to the party. Darris must be out by now.

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