Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


3. World's most rude

Ethan slowly opened his eyes, the fluorescence light burning into his eyes, he closed them back, trying to adjust, opening it again once more, his back ached, his face still hurts and several ribs caused pain, it took him up to a minute to realize his environment, he was anywhere but home. Ethan tried standing to his feet from the couch, he heard a crack, that was definitely his back. It was a fine room, the curtains drawn, the ceiling fan rotated slowly, a picture of a cat hanged on the white painted wall, a symbol of a ‘V’ in a circle was also drawn on the bare wall. Ethan couldn’t figure it out but there was something odd here, it was certainly not a hospital, the pink curtains made the place look feminine.

“where the f*ck am i?” Ethan said more to himself, looking down he saw a bucket and a towel, his sleeve unbuttoned. He touched his face then looked at his hands, there was no blood, someone has dressed his wounds. The fire place at the corner kept the room warm and on it was a set of photographs. Ethan walked towards the fire place, trying as much as possible to keep his trunk unmoved. In all the photographs was a female, maybe in her 20’s , blue eyes stared back at him with a smile, she was a brunette, Ethan dropped the photograph, and reached for another when he heard the front door opened. Prepared for the worst, Ethan took a stance but then, the lady from the photograph walked in. she was on her leather top and trousers, gloves on her hands, her eyes bright and her hair flown to her shoulders, her lips lined by black that matched her clothing.

“oh, you’re awake” She smiled at Ethan, revealing perfect teeth.

“Who are you?” Ethan asked

“Well, I could use a thank you or something”

“Thank you but whoever you are, I didn’t need your help” Ethan replied

“really? Last time I checked you were being battered and on your way to the other side” She replied, a frown evident on her face

“I would have been fine!” Ethan reached for his coat on the couch handle and headed for the door of the room, walking gingerly past her, he halted at the door post, looking around the huge sitting room before turning to the mysterious lady once more, “sorry, thank you for your concern but I would have been fine” Ethan said before exiting through the door, heading for the exit and hoping he wasn’t a long way away from home.

Ethan walked into the night, by the looks of it, it was almost morning.

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