Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


6. Who are you?

Ethan woke up to a sharp pain in his head, the pain calming down after some seconds. Opening his eyes, the place looked familiar, yeah, he was at Amber’s room again. Ethan got up from the bed, slowly,

“what the…”, he sat upright, feeling the pangs of hunger in his stomach

“you’re awake” she said in her familiar voice from across the room

“you don’t fu*king have to do this every time, I don’t need a babysitter” Ethan said casting his gaze on her. She looked good in the T-shirt and knickers, Ethan couldn’t help scanning down her body, his eyes betraying him. The sound of Amber clearing her throat got him back to reality.

“well, its 12 noon, maybe you’ve got someplace to be, I dunno, don’t want to hold you against your will” Amber said sarcastically. Ethan lost himself once more to her smile, what was wrong with him? Last night he wanted to get rid of her in any way possible, but here he was drooling over her, something was not right, there was a whole lot he didn’t know about this lady, so much he didn’t understand, he couldn’t pin point it, but something felt strange, from the fact she was always in his weird dreams to the fact that she was being too friendly. He was going to face her, head on. No more guesses, no more mystery, he wanted the truth about everything. Ethan stood, the after effect of the drinks he had still evident as his head banged.

“who are you exactly?” Ethan blurted out, the smiling face of Amber losing every trace of humor as she looked at him probably confused about his question.

“I don’t get you, I told you already…” Amber started

“cut the crap!, last night you ran off when I asked you what that freak symbol was, same one here” Ethan pointed to the wall, “you think I don’t have a brain?, whatever occult group you are part of, I’m not interested, so cut the crap and stop babysitting me”

Amber frowned to Ethan’s surprise, that’s a start, he thought she was incapable of getting angry “I’m gonna go now and know what? I don’t want anything to do with you, next time you see me passed out, leave me alone” Ethan continued, walking away to the door, his conscience hitting him hard, he knew he was being a jerk, but a greater part of him felt fulfilled, he wasn’t going to let anyone else into his heart, not now. Since the tragedy, he has always pushed everyone away, this wont be any different, he was scared, of caring, of loving. Reaching the door, Ethan paused, turning slowly to Amber who hasn’t said a word, he could see the hurt in her eyes, he felt pity for her

“look I’m sorry okay? But at same time, I’m not, you’re being too good and too weird for me” Ethan said, softening his tone Amber remained silent, and it dawned on him, she hasn’t denied the occult accusation, was it true? He didn’t believe in magic or anything supernatural, hell he didn’t even believe in religion, everything had a natural or scientific explanation to him. The dreams? How could he explain the dreams?

“I always have a dream or per say, nightmare of five men in some weird hoods, I cannot see their faces, I see only their red eyes and I always get my as* kicked” Ethan let out a small laugh, “after I met you or you met me, I see you in the dream, always like you are offering me help, I know it’s a fu*ked up dream but it keeps repeating, I don’t believe in Frankenstein, but..” Ethan laughed, he was beginning to sound silly, even to himself.

“can you tell your hooded friends to let me have a good night sleep, for once?” Amber’s frown faded into a look of surprise, her mouth shaped as if she would utter a word but she closed it again, her eyes were widened, she had something she wants to say, Ethan knew it, he looked at her, intently, waiting for her to spill it out.

“Get out!” Amber blurted out Ethan looked at her in surprise, that surely was not what she intended to say some seconds ago.

“whatever!” Ethan said, frowning as he headed out of the door and closing it hard behind him.

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