Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


12. Slaughter in the Valley

The mountains flanked the wide path left and right, the lunar moon shedding its light over the mountains which robbed the valley of some light. It was a desolate place. The dew covered the valley, reducing visibility even further. All plans were in place, Ethan walked side by side with Richard, the Owls hooted into the night, the cool breeze brushed against his skin, carrying the stench in the air along. Ethan had been given a sharp sword which he en-sheathed at his back, he didn’t know how to use one but as he had been told, it was more efficient against vampires than the gun, all he had to do was cut the head off.

Death smelled foul in the valley, Ethan took deep breaths on more than one occasion to relax himself. Everything had to go according to plan, at the last moment, he had noticed Victor won’t be part of this, he was a full blood, the lights will weaken him too, he hoped for the best, finding courage with each steps. Ethan stepped on something, it gave a crack sound beneath his right leg. He looked down, it was a skull.

“They own this place, this is where they dump the remnants” Richard said. They continued walking, the light of a flame coming into view, dimmed by the thick dew.

“There they are” Richard said.

Ethan’s heart raced in anticipation, he was about to meet them face to face, those he had always seen in his dreams, he calmed himself, prepared for anything, he wasn’t afraid of them anymore, he had found his courage.

The pair walked closer and closer to the flame, and then they came into view, the vampires. They stood in their numbers, some of them held torches, their eyes blood red. Ethan opened up his mind, allowing Amber in as he fed her the information.

We are ready, the lights are at that location, she spoke

Wait, I’ll give the signal, he replied

Ethan and Richard came to a halt several meters away from the vampires, he searched for the men in the hood but there was only one. He looked around again and found no other, a flash of disappointment crossed his mind. The hooded man, in the cloak, just like his dreams, stood in front of the full bloods, his face hidden under the hood.

“hmmmm” the hooded vampire growled. “welcome, dear curer, my name is Elias” he said in a wicked tone, his voice deep like that of Victor. “I have to say I’m a bit disappointed, I expected Victor to come with his full army, fight for his golden treasure but it seems he had surrendered as a coward again, like he always does”

“where is he?” Ethan said.

“ahhhh, you’re quite impatient” Elias said

“fu*king bring him out!; Ethan yelled a little, he felt anger in his gut.

“well, you do have some heart, I’ll say” Elias clicked his finger, the vampires gave way behind him, as two dragged Someone that looked much like Darris, the dew wasn’t helping. The person’s head was covered with a sac as he was forced to his knees.

“it’s funny actually, this one is so heart hardened” Elias said pointing to the ‘maybe’ Darris, “I always wondered where Victor had hidden his little minions, but this Darris, wouldn’t tell me, so tough! But you wouldn’t be as tough as him, will you? I doubt it, you see, you are just human, you may think you belong with them but you’re wrong, you belong nowhere, you have no worth!” Ethan felt his anger increase, clenching his hands into fists.

“how about now?” Richard whispered.

“I smell anger” Elias said, taking off his hood. He was bald, the only feature Ethan could make out in the dew. “I have a better idea, who says I can’t keep both? You and this young lad” Elias said

Ethan opened up his mind, linking to Amber.

Now , he said

In a quick sudden movement, Ethan reached for his sword, un-sheathing it as he ran towards Elias, throwing caution to the wind, the lights came on over the mountains, creating a virtual day time, the full bloods screeched, some fell to their knees, others covering their eyes, they screamed in pain.

The sounds of hundreds of feet, like chariots approached as the half bloods closed in at incredible speed. The UV lights had less effect on Elias, something Ethan learned the hard way. Ethan swung his sword, missing his target and found himself flying back to the ground as Elias kicked him square on the chest, the force sending him back several meters from his original standing position.

The half bloods arrived, Ethan could see them flying past and over him from his supine position, he ignored the sharp pain in his chest, reaching and picking up his sword again as he rose to his feet to see the ongoing massacre. The half bloods slaughtered the full bloods, tearing head from neck with their fangs, arm from thorax, thigh from hip. Some full bloods ran for the mountains but to no avail, only to be jacked down by a half blood. The war or perhaps, slaughter continued around Ethan, as he looked around, searching for Elias.

A screeching vampire headed his way, Ethan swung his sword, beheading the vampire, it was a bloodless kill. The headless body thumped on the ground. Ethan caught sight of Darris, moving at great speed, picking a full blood of the ground in a neck grab and jamming the vampire to the ground, the head rolling off. He moved at speed again, loosing Ethan’s eyes.

The screeches, the war cry, the squishing, the tearing continued, Ethan could not find Elias, several bodies went into flight, giving way as a force approached towards him. Oh there he is!.

Elias approached at an unimaginable speed towards Ethan. Ethan swung again, rewarded with a slicing sound. Elias disappeared from sight again, Ethan looked around, his hands firmly gripping the sword, ready for another attack.

Behind you, Ethan heard her in his head,

he raised his gaze, she stood for a second before whooshing away, digging her fangs into the neck of a nearby full blood, wriggling and tearing the head off. Ethan turned, Elias stood, one arm less. Ah! He knew he sliced something.

Despite the fatal wound, no blood ensued from the cut right arm. Elias showed signs of weakening, falling to his knees as the lights were getting to him at last. Ethan approached him, the slaughter still ongoing, then the idea struck him. He cut his left hand with the sword, blood oozed from the cut.

“you fool, he will come for you all! My brother!, he shall be your end! You..” Elias started

Ethan hushed him, forcing his cut hand into the mouth of Elias, the blood dripped into his mouth. Elias fell to the ground in a convulsing manner but Ethan could swear he saw his eyes turn from red to normal before he did.




The slaughter was over, several body parts littered the valley, the stench was unbearable, not one full blood had survived. The half bloods cheered in victory. Elias had no pulse, he was dead, for real this time, but something amazed Ethan about his corpse, blood littered the spot, it gushed out of the cut arm. He indeed turned human.

“well that proves it, you are indeed the curer” Darris said

Ethan raised his gaze to see a smiling Darris Applause ringed about as the half bloods cheered, but this time, it wasn’t for the victory, it was for him. Darris caught Ethan in a hug.

“thank you man” Darris said, breaking the hug.

“well I’m jealous” Amber said behind Ethan

Ethan turned, she smiled at him, he reached for a kiss, but she stopped him


“I used these fangs for some butchering some moments ago” She said

“oh right” he smiled.

“where is Lucy?” Darris asked

“trouble maker, she wasn’t allowed to come, she would literally kick Ethan’s as*” Richard replied.

Darris responded with a grin, “how about a big hug huh?”

The four of them got into a big hug amidst the hundreds if not thousands of clapping and cheering half bloods

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