Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


13. Payback

Four Days Later.

Everything was back to normal at the underground community; Ethan had been treated as a king since the events in the valley. Victor had been so generous, wiring billions of dollars into his account, Ethan had gone from broke to billionaire in days. Zipping up his leather Jacket, Ethan en-sheathed his sword, he had become so fund of the weapon; it felt a part of him now. He hanged it over his back, reaching for the bag. He unzipped the bag to view it’s contents, well that’s some money. It’s time to pay back Mr. Johnson.

“ready to go?” Darris asked

“sure, lets go pay the jerk” Ethan replied




The sun was already at mid sky, the tall building sparkled under it’s rays, ‘Johnson Enterprise’ it portrayed at the very top. Ethan and Darris walked into the building, Ethan’s dark shades and sword at his back drew many stares from passersby but he didn’t care.

“we want to see your boss” Ethan said on reaching the receptionist.

The Ebony female receptionist wore a surprise look on seeing Ethan and Darris.

“hold on one minute” she said, excusing herself as she left her table.

“Do you know I had smelt up to about five Half bloods since we got here” Darris said

“no kidding?” said Ethan

“Nope, more like Vampire enterprise” Darris said. They burst into laughter, calming it down when the receptionist arrived.

“last floor, he is waiting for you” She said.

The elevator ride was a long one as Ethan and Darris headed for the top floor. The elevator dinged at last, opening up to reveal a large office space, surrounded by glass walls with only one furniture a table and a chair at it’s center and there Mr. Johnson sat, in his famous white suit, with six armed guards behind his chair.

Ethan took a few steps towards the table, stopping a few meters away, he threw the bag, landing it on the table. One of the guards unzipped the bag, checking its contents before zipping it once again and taking it past Ethan and Darris towards the elevator.

“happy now?” Ethan asked.

Mr Johnson, looked rather unimpressed, puffing smoke into the air as he smoked a cigarette. “so, you pay at last, how did you do it huh? Dirty job?. Five of my men dead” Mr Johnson said

“well, you should have thought of that when you fu*king sent them to kill me” Ethan said, raising his right brow.

Mr Johnson let out a little laugh which turned cough, smoke must have gone down the wrong pipe. “you think you’re tough huh? Whoever you’re working for, I will crush you both! I can promise you this, you will be back in the streets in no time” he said, clearly angry for whatever reason.

“let me see you try” Ethan said, “in case you are getting any funny ideas, I told the whole world I was coming here”.

Ethan actually would have loved Mr Johnson to come up with a funny idea, he had a one man army in Darris and will really love kicking Mr. Johnson’s as* in the name of self defense, but a part of him thought otherwise, a part of him wanted peace for the first time, that part didn’t exist some months ago when all Ethan could think of was kicking this arrogant bastard’s as*.

Ethan turned, walking towards the elevator and signaling Darris to follow suit, for some reason, Darris hesitated, staring down at Mr. Johnson with a gaze. Last time Ethan saw him look at someone like that, the person was bled to death. The elevator doors opened at the press of a button and Ethan turned one last time before entering

“and oh! Mr. Johnson, one last thing. Fu*k you!”

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