Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


4. Mystery Lady

Ethan ran as fast as he could, the voices getting closer, he ran and ran, his voice ragged

“you can’t run from us” the voice taunted. Ethan saw a sanctuary ahead, it looked abandoned, he headed for it, putting in all his might as he approached the rusty old building, never minding the huge tree stump ahead. Thump! Ethan went face down, tripping over the tree stump, he crawled as fast as he could, the footsteps on the rusty fallen leaves so audible. Ethan turned, his back to the ground and there he was, the man with the blood red eyes, covered with a hood, his face was dark, his features hidden. The man raised his hand, claws evident, as Ethan raised his arm getting ready for the impact, just then a light shone so bright, Ethan lowered his arm, the dark man was no longer there, instead she was there, the brunette girl with the blue eyes and black painted lips, she stretched her hand to him, offering to raise him off the ground. Ethan hesitated, reaching slowly for her hand but what was he doing? She could be one of them too, he retreated his hand and she disappeared taking the bright light with her. The dark man returning almost immediately, with a growl.

Ethan scrambled for safety, the sanctuary was no longer where it was, the dark man wasn’t alone anymore, five other dark men were around him, all in their hoods

“Don’t” Ethan pleaded, as the men closed in on him, purely with no good intent, and when they were about to make impact…




Ethan woke up from the nightmare with a shriek, it was getting worse, he was always haunted by the dark men in his dreams but something was different this time around, the brunette girl. He knew something was odd about her when he woke up at her apartment some night ago.

Ethan never believed in the superstitious, it was just a dream he said to himself as he slowly got out of bed, feeling some pains from his former ordeal, he looked at his clock, it was just five in the morning. Ethan hadn’t gotten drunk for the past three days probably because he was broke.

His cabin is an isolated house, small by its size, a friend (which he had few) had let him stay in it at a reasonable rate but Ethan hasn’t paid for a while and his friend had had enough, threatening of throwing him out.

Ethan opened his wardrobe, well at least he had a clean shirt, he hasn’t done his laundries for some time now. Ethan reached for the shirt, getting into it quite easily, that used to be hard he thought, some night ago he wouldn’t have dared that, else his ribs will creak. Ethan closed the wardrobe and was amazed to see himself in the mirror with the words ‘I’m broke’ printed on the blue shirt.

“what the f*ck?”




Ethan headed for the coffee shop, there had to be something in his card or he was toast. Reaching the shop, a long queue was already here, the age bracket making him feel out of place, so many old people.

At the last it was his turn, Ethan handed his credit card over, the seller swiping it looking back at Ethan

“sorry sir, you are out”

“sh*t!” Ethan cursed, hitting his fist on the  wall

“I’ve got that, here, use my card” a hand stretched over his shoulder handing a card to the seller.

Ethan recognized the voice, he turned. It definitely was her, the brunette girl, in her pink top and skirt, with high heels, her hair folded into a pony tail, her lips were soft red this time around. She smiled at him as the seller brought the cup of coffee.

“no thanks” Ethan said, abandoning the cup as he headed for the exit, she followed, Ethan exited the shop, walking towards his direction of home.

“you sure you don’t want the coffee?” she shouted behind him, Ethan came to a halt and with a sigh he turned, the cup was in her hands as she stretched it towards him in an emphatic manner. As much as Ethan needed the coffee, this lady was behaving weird to him, in his world, nice is weird. She approached with the cup, coming as close as five feet to Ethan.

Ethan examined the situation, he had nothing to lose, he collected the cup, her smile broadening, Ethan turned, continuing his walk.

“you know, this is the second time I’m doing you a favor and  you’re so reluctant to say a thank you” she said behind him.

Blackmailer! , Ethan halted again, turning sharply “Well, thank you, mam, whoever you are, happy now?”

“you’re welcome, I’m Amber by the way” she said surprisingly  not annoyed by his rudeness.

 “well Amber, are you stalking me? Because that’s what this look like”

She chuckled, “you don’t believe in fate? Are the pains gone now?

Ethan exclaimed “you are changing the damn topic!”

“funny shirt” she diverged again.

Ethan couldn’t take it anymore, its either she is trying to be annoying or has a wrong sense of conversation, ignore, he said to himself as he turned, walking towards home once more.

“there is a party at my place tonight, you’re invited” she yelled behind him again.

Ethan pretended not to listen, walking away from the mysterious lady as fast as he could,

“it’d  be nice if you came” she continued

“you wish” Ethan said to himself.

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