Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


2. Meet Ethan

It was a cold night, Ethan knew that but nothing was going to stop him from getting drunk tonight, since he lost his wife and daughter in that car crash, he has give in to his inner self, he would get drunk each and every night, he was a broke man, broke literally, he owed a lot of debts. Ethan, 28, was what one could describe as a bad luck, losing his wife and daughter a year after his marriage, losing his job due to his alcoholism and being dumped by his family for his jerky attitude. Those were like two years ago but nothing’s changed the stone minded Ethan, he has trademark blue eyes and black hair plus his masculine chest, a square jaw, and not so great height. Ethan walked down the familiar street, hands in his sweater, the cold wind blowing against his face as he looked down his path, he covered his hood, trying as much as possible to ignore the cold, he must get his drink tonight. The bar was just four blocks away, no giving up now. He reached the bar, pushing past the door, the cold giving way for the warm air. Ethan sighed, relieved to finally be here, he went for a stool, pulling it and he sat, placing his hands on the bar table.

“the regular” Ethan said to the bartender

“f*ck you! You won’t pay” the bartender cursed at him, she is a middle aged woman with blonde hair.

“I told you I’ll pay, I’ve just got some issues, now give me the damn beer!” Ethan raised his voice.

“listen you d*ck! You better get out of here before someone get you out” the bartender threatened.

“what huh?, you gonna throw me out? Huh? B*tch!” The bartender whistled and two huge guys approached, Ethan noticed, grabbing an empty bottle nearby and standing on his feet, tightening his grip on the bottle in his right hand.

“leave him to me” a voice from behind said, Ethan turned and there stood Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson, was the last man on earth Ethan would want to see now, in his white suit and walking staff.

“Mr. Johnson?” Ethan looked at him, confused, dropping the bottle in his hand, letting it hit the floor, shattering into pieces.

“Ethan! We meet again, life is funny isn’t it? A small world we live in, you actually thought you could run away with my money?”

“No… I can explain…” Ethan began to explain but the sight of even four other guys heading his way, their looks read it all. He made for the door.

“get him!” Mr Johnson yelled behind. Ethan bolted out of the bar, running as fast as he could, he could hear the footsteps behind him, he knew he was being chased; he had to get off the streets. Turning right, he headed for a fence, reaching for the top and pulling himself up, he tried climbing and he slipped, losing his grip on the fence and landing hard on his back.

“f*ck!” he exclaimed in pain, the pain ceasing to be a problem when four huge guys towered over him, Ethan was literally grabbed up from the ground only to fall back down again when a punch landed square on his face. His nose hurt as hell as he bled from the impact. Ethan was grabbed again and he knew another punch was coming, ducking this time around as his attacker punched thin air, Ethan going for his crotch, kicking him hard at the area sending the poor guy to his knees in pain. All thought of satisfaction soon vanished, something landed on his back, sending Ethan into a whole new world of pain, falling face to ground as another landed punches upon punches on his face, his back, and every inch of him, the others kicking him from every side, a kick on his stomach made him writhe in pain as the lights started to go out in his head, a car headlight approaching was the last thing Ethan saw before everything went black.

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