Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


9. He loves again

Ethan finally felt he had a family again, he has received a warm reception, everyone was friendly and surprisingly, Darris has been too.

The barn was a disguise as Ethan observed, a secret entrance led to a whole new world underground, from party halls to several rooms, it was a huge half blood community spear headed by victor. The barn looked so isolated on the outside, no wonders, the half bloods have successfully evaded Draco so far, this place is a shelter for all Half-Bloods from the full bloods.

Ethan has been introduced to his room in the underground community, a new set of clothing in the finely crafted wardrobe, the place had a French tone, animal head sculpture on the white wall, of course, the ‘v’ in a circle was on it, and a very decent chandelier on the ceiling. Ethan finally had an alone time for the first time since he came here, sitting on the soft huge size bed. He sighed, glancing around once more, the wooden wall clock read 5:20 am, a vent to it’s left, ah! No windows he noticed. The structure must have cost a fortune he thought. A knock on the door interrupted his observations, probably another of his many new friends.

“come on in” Ethan replied to the knock.

The door opened slowly as Amber stepped in, closing it behind her. Ethan looked at her, in her royal robes, black with red strips, just like the one Victor had on. She looked beautiful as Ethan got lost staring at her. She must have a hold on him or something, her mere presence melting him, pacing his heart, it was a feeling he hasn’t understood yet.

“hi” Amber said, breaking the momentary silence.

“hi” Ethan replied, awoken from his thoughts, he stood to his feet as Amber took some steps towards him, standing almost face to face with him.

“I’m sorry I marked you, it was selfish of me, I didn’t even think about it, if you had someone, I was selfish, I’m”…. Amber started, rushing through the words. Ethan hushed her mid sentence with his finger on her red lips.

“it’s okay, if anything I was the jerk so far, always pushing you away” Ethan said, making a funny face, it got a laugh out of Amber who straightened up her face again.

“but do you, um…. Have someone?” Amber asked

“actually, I once had a wife and a daughter, they died in a car accident”. Ethan replied, expecting the sharp pain that pierces his heart each time he remembers that day, but it didn’t come, he didn’t feel it.

“I’m sorry” Amber replied, her face wore a really sorry look, it played on Ethan’s strings again. Ethan thought of how to change the subject,

“how exactly do you mark someone?” he asked Amber’s face lit up as she smiled wickedly at him, he was surprised, he expected her to go in her shell as usual.

“it’s easy, I just had to cut my tongue and kiss you” she replied, still beaming.

“so you kissed me in my sleep, that was naughty” Ethan pulled up a sarcastic look

“yeah, I guess so” Amber smiled.

“what do you guys eat?”

“oh, you didn’t notice we cook around here?”

“I thought the food was just for me, I’m so stuffed” Ethan said as he rubbed his right hand over his tummy. Amber lowered her eyes before looking back at his.

“half bloods eat human food, unlike the full bloods, but we need blood also, once a while, or we’ll die. We have a blood store here, animal blood though, we don’t kill humans, my dad’s number one rule” Amber said, punctuating her fingers.

“he is a nice man” Ethan remarked

“yeah, isn’t he?”

“how about your mom?”

The smile faded from her face to the question. “Dad said she had to go away, why? I don’t know, he said she was dangerous around vampires, haven’t seen her for a very long time”

“that’s ironic, who can be dangerous around vampires?” Ethan said, getting the hint she wasn’t comfortable with the discussion, he decided to drop it. He gazed at her lips, the lining so fine, so tempting, how could he have been so blind?

“I know what you’re thinking” Amber cut short his thoughts.

“what the…. How would you know that?”

“we are linked, we can share our thoughts and feelings if we open our mind to each other” That explains how she talked to him without saying a word at the barn

“well, I didn’t open up my mind” “you didn’t close it up either, you don’t just know how to control it yet, though I wouldn’t want you to know how” Amber smiled. “besides, you can kiss me”.

Ethan marveled at the invitation.

“I won’t bite, I promise” She said, pulling him closer to her with great strength. Ethan pressed his lips against hers, feeling the warmth of her mouth. Her arm went straight around his neck, holding him so tight, like a bird in hand. She crushed her body into his as the kiss deepened. Ethan broke the kiss, releasing her lips as he intended to kiss down her neck but she wasn’t done yet, she dived in yet again, pressing her lips against his, Ethan felt helpless, tamed, the stubborn guy humbled by this lady with a kiss.

The lip lock continued, Ethan gasping for air at any moment he could, she was persistent, Ethan felt it again, their minds linked and he felt all her emotions again, strong, so strong, he hasn’t felt love like this, not even for his late wife… Amber broke the kiss immediately.

“sorry, i… vampires have heightened emotions, I just couldn’t stop. You miss her don’t you?


“your wife”

“sorry, I shouldn’t have thought that…..” Ethan started, did he just say sorry?

“it’s okay Ethan, it’s what makes you human, ummm, see you around?” Amber said, beaming up in her smile again “sure” Amber walked towards the door,

“Are you staying here or going back to your place?” Ethan asked, he was suddenly so in need of her company.

“my place is with you” she winked, before exiting through the door.

Ethan suddenly felt alone, his defenses had not only been broken but something else has been added to him. He felt something for this lady, he had said ‘sorry’ without even knowing it, he was helpless in her arms, hell, he had even admitted she loved him more than he loved his wife!.

“sh*t Ethan!” he muttered to himself.

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