Cure the night

Ethan is wrecked by the loss of his wife and daughter, abandoned by his family. He finds himself mingled in the affairs of the supernatural by fate.


7. First night of the rest of his life

The sanctuary had disappeared, Ethan watched in despair as the dark figure raised his claws, about to strike. Just then, the light shone, in the blink of an eye, she was here again, stretching her arm towards him. Ethan reached for her hand, slowly, this time he didn’t reject her, he reached and held her hand, the bright light increased in intensity, clouding the vision.




Ethan opened his eyes slowly, was he seeing a face?, his sight got clearer, and it was indeed a face. It was Darris staring down at him.

“what the fu*k!” Adrenaline surged in as Ethan swung a punch , Darris catching it square with his right hand, all survival instinct kicked in as Ethan rolled off , landing hard on the ground on the other side of the bed, he had a revolver in his drawer, it was his insurance just for situations like this. Ethan quickly ruffled through the first drawer, bringing out the gun, he sprung to his feet, pulling the gun at Darris, that was when he realized, Darris wasn’t alone. There stood Darris with two other boys, they looked familiar from the party, one was blonde, the other dark skinned, and one other person was also in the room, Amber.

“what the fu*k! how did you all get in? what the fu*ck is this?” Ethan’s heart increased in pace, he pulled the gun at the three boys in turns, never pointing it at Amber

“you make funny noises when you sleep, more like whine like a stressed donkey” Darris said causing the other boys to laugh.

“stop it Darris” Amber prompted.

“so you fu*king brought big brother to beat me up, huh? Amber?” Ethan said, the gun still in his hand

“Am, can you tell your boyfriend to drop that little toy in his hands, it’s getting annoying”. Darris said causing Amber to cast an angry look at him, Darris raised his hands, “he’s all yours”.

“look Ethan, we have to go, I can explain this all to you on the way” Amber said

“go fu*king where? I’m going nowhere with you bunch of freaks, get out! Or I’ll blow someone’s head off!” Ethan yelled

“okay, show is over” Darris said and in a second, faster than anything Ethan has ever seen, Darris was beside him, knocking the gun off his hand, and grabbing him by the neck, Ethan felt his feet leave the ground, his wind pipe crushed, he choked, struggling for air.

“don’t hurt him!” Ethan heard Amber scream

“shut up!” Darris yelled back at her. “look jerk” Darris gazed back at him, his hold on his neck, tighter than ever, “I don’t like you but for some reason, my sister does and now you just got so important for us, otherwise I’d be killing you now, now lets get the fu*k out of here, the dude you owe some bucks has sent some guys to terminate you and you’re lucky I care about that now, a night ago, I wouldn’t have given a f*ck!”

Ethan felt his consciousness giving way, the lack of air pummeling on his brain. Ethan remembered putting a bottle on his drawer, he reached behind him, his right hand finding it, he swung the bottle, landing it square on the head of Darris who let out a shriek, the bottle shattering into pieces. Darris lost his grip, releasing Ethan. Ethan dropped back on the floor, gasping for air, he cast a glance at Darris who was all bloody, with his hands on his head but before anything else could happen, the spray of bullets into the room got them all ducking for safety.




The wall arts  fell, shattering on the ground, the wall clock tumbled off the wall, several feathers in the air, as the bullets rampaged the bed. Ethan remained as low as possible, holding his head in his hands as he lay flat on the floor.

“get him out of here!” Yelled Darris, He wasn’t hiding from the bullets, Ethan watched as several pierced through his torso, staining his shirt in blood but he showed no pain, none whatsoever, Ethan watched in dismay as Darris crashed through the wall, pushing the bricks in front of him like it were the branches of a tree, he was heading for the shooters.

“lets go” Amber took Ethan by the arm, helping him to his feet, the scream and yells from outside signaled the end of the baptism of bullets. Amber led Ethan by the arm as the two guys followed.

“the van as the back yard” the blonde one noticed.

“we’ll use the back door” Amber replied still leading Ethan by the arm as they headed for the backdoor in the kitchen. Ethan was dumb folded, he felt like a zombie, he had no idea what was going on as he was led like a little child, he was still processing what he just saw Darris do, he was too confused to speak. The back door was swung open before the lot even got to it.

Darris stood at the entrance,“quick, let’s get out of here!” He said. A van was waiting as Ethan observed, the engine was already running, Darris took the wheels as the blonde guy hurriedly climbed into the front passenger seat. The rear of the van was already open, as Amber led Ethan into the van, the dark guy closing the rear doors behind them as he climbed in too. In no time Ethan heard the engine roar and the tires screech and the van was in motion.

What a weird night this was for him.

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