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2. Niall

1- Niall and Jennifer

Jennifer's POV.

I was walking around my town when I felt my bottom hit the ground. I look up to see a guy with blonde hair... Obviously dyed and bright blue eyes.

He looks at me in shock and quickly helps me up.

'I'm sorry' I see him mouth.

I try to say 'I'm Deaf.' I guess he hears me cause I see him mouth...

'Oh sorry.....' He looks awkward but I don't know if his voice sounds awkward.

I nod my short blonde hair and say 'It's totally ok.'

'Here, lemme get your bag.' He mouths.

'You don't ha-' I was cut off by him handing me my bag.

'Thank you' I say.

'Can I get your number?' he blurts. Thank god, he doesn't say that quickly.

I laugh. 'Sure.'

I give him my number.

Niall's POV.

She's so pretty.

I noticed that when she first looked at me her eyes were green. But when she laughed they turned a bright blue.

I heard her say 'Bye' I say 'Bye' back and wave.

-3 days later-

Jennifer's POV.

Me and Niall have been talking the last 3 days and were meeting up at Nando's.

I just dress in a simple sweater and jeans and flats. Natural make-up.

N- Hi Jenni <3

I smile and quickly text a hi back before telling him I'm on my way to Nando's.

-After Nando's-

'Well... See you soon?' Niall asks.

'Yes, definitely' I say.

Next thing I know me and Niall are kissing.

'Ok.... well ya see you....' Niall mouths.

I peck his lips once more, smile, and walk in my house and sigh happily.

(There you go mrsniallhoran! I really hope you liked it!! Sorry if it wasn't good. If you want a re-do just tell me!) 


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