Some random oc's I made up. Some characters will be based off real people, so I will leave their names somewhere.


1. Gracelynne Stokes

Name: gracelynne stokes

age: 29

DOB: 7February

nicknames: grace, Gracie, stokesy, stockers

Background: was put up for adoption when she was 6 months. Lived in the orphanage until she was 16, which was when she eventually moved out. Found bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Pierce The Veil, etc. moved into an old adbandoned club house up on a hill nearby the local park. Enjoys sitting in the graveyard nearby the club house and listening to music. Is in a stable relationship with boyfriend, jaxon. Lives with 7 others in the club house. Runs a gang called the 'Abandoned Homewreckers United'.


{picture based on Hannah Sykes. All photos, identities and other companies used are not owned by me. No copyright intended}


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