Home To Me


2. Written

Home to me?



It could be a cup of tea

Two sugars, PG, and milk 

And the people that know

Who'll make one for my woe

Then whisper words of silk

That the world cannot see  


Or the park, the shop, the can

The melodic headphone sound

That sings me songs of bliss

Reminding me of those I miss

But the tranquillity I have found 

Is somehow part of my plan  


And they're all home to me

There I'll be

Merry as can be

As far as people see  


But there's also the rain

That blurs me: I don't mind

That there's lips and hands

And the real deal is bland

It's all laughter that I find

Walking towards the pain  


That road that's a mess

Where I soak up the sun

Counting steps, grinning

I've lost, now I'm winning

No more smoking guns 

And I couldn't care less   


And they're all home to me

And there I'll be

Merry as can be 

Finally free.

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