Crush [SASUKE]

Love was a foreign term to Sasuke Uchiha, he doesn't want anything to do with it. But soon enough, it forced it's way through the barriers he had built around himself.


1. 【1/6】

"Hello, my name is [Surname] [Name]. Are you Uchiha Sasuke?" [Name] cut him off before he could say anything by bowing. "Yes? Let's get started than." She sat down, glancing at the irritated but curious Uchiha, she smiled kindly.

"Alright, what do you not understand?" The raven haired boy asked as he tried not to look startled by how rude but polite the [h/c] haired girl was.

"Everything," she answered bluntly. "Math isn't my best subject." She grinned sheepishly making Sasuke's heart skip a beat.

"Well, we'll just work on the basics for now." He said in a daze. She's so beautiful, he thought. His heart has never skipped a beat no matter who it was. Even if it was the prettiest girl in school that asked him out; [Name] was the prettiest in his mind. He gasped when her hand touched his.

"Are you okay?" [Name] asked worriedly when he suddenly froze. "Sasuke-kun?" She nudged him making him blush even more. His mind was running wild as to how many times she had touched him. Does she like me, he started to get his hopes up but soon degraded himself.

"I'm fine." He breathed out. Suddenly he found himself glaring at her making her look away hurt. Soon after he scolded himself for acting to foolishly. She probably thinks I'm lame now, he groaned in his head.

After they were done he wanted to walk her home but didn't know how to go about it. That is until his blond friend walked up to them.

"Oi, Sasuke!" The knucklehead called out to his childhood friend. He was surprised when he saw the raven haired by walking besides the kind [Surname]. He smiled mischievously when he noticed Sasuke's discomfort. "Hey, [Name]-chan? Want us to walk you home?" He asked sneaking a glance at his friend's reaction.

"It's fine, I wouldn't want to bother you." She smiled and walked off leaving a nervous Uchiha.

"We don't mind, right Sasuke?" Naruto grinned at his friend making Sasuke worried They started following her until Naruto came to a sudden halt. "I forgot I had to do something. It's okay if Sasuke walked you home right?" He asked the fidgeting (h/c) haired girl. Sasuke glared at him knowing he was planning something. He was happy that he could be alone with [Name] but he was nervous at the same.

"I guess that would be okay." She hesitated before answering making Sasuke sulk because of her hesitation. Does she not like me, he asked himself sadly.

The walk was silent and awkward. [Name] tried to make small talk, but Sasuke just kept silent. She sighed defeated as she glanced at the handsome Uchiha once more.

"Bye, Sasuke." She pecked him on the cheek and went inside of her house.

The boy just walked off with a huge grin on his face.

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