Hemmings Sister

My name is Riley Hemmings. I am Luke's sister.

Book 1 of my sister series.


10. Show Time In Amsterdam

My first 5SOS concert is about to start. I'm not sure what to expect. Lilac has been to one other 5SOS concert. She tells me that it's gonna be an on your feet dancing till the night ends kind of concert. Oh great, I already did something to my knee backstage and now I'm gonna be standing all night, I think Luke will be carrying me out of that venue. Half way through the concert it was time for me to be onstage with the boys.

"Lilac I'll be back in a few minutes. Luke has something special planned for me." I said.

"Okay. Have fun." Lilac responded.

I got to the dressing room and saw the dress. I loved it! Sparkly on top, sweetheart neckline, and goes down to just above my knees. The only downside was that I had to wear heels.

"I did something to my knee, do I have to wear heels?" I asked.

"I don't have many options but I do have some silver sandals with a tiny heel. That's about it." My stylist said.

"That'll work, anything will be better than stilettos for me tonight." I said.

I go out after Luke says, "Would y'all like to meet my baby sister?"

Everyone is staring. Luke doesn't know about my knee yet, and when he finds out he's gonna think it was all his fault.

When I get back to Lilac she is smiling.

"Seems like they really like you Riley." She said.

"Yes it does." I said.

During the last song of the concert I collapse because of pain. Niall was backstage and saw it so he came running. That's when the boys realized that I collapsed. They stop playing and immediately rush over. Niall was with me when I did whatever I did to my knee. Luke asked me all sorts of questions and I was in so much pain that I couldn't answer. So Niall told him what happened. Niall stayed by my side as the boys ended the show. Great, now I'm probably going to the hospital, good thing the boys don't have to be at the next stop until this time tomorrow.

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