Hemmings Sister

My name is Riley Hemmings. I am Luke's sister.

Book 1 of my sister series.


3. Shopping for the tour

Today Luke and the boys are taking me shopping for the tour. I have been told that I am going to be brought onstage during the concerts so I need to have some formal dresses because I am being presented for the first time. Some of the dresses have been picked already, like for Amsterdam, the boys wanted me to be onstage when they all coordinate and wear orange. But many of the dresses are my choice.

We go to a prom and bridal store which I wasn't jazzed about wearing prom dresses. But I let Luke and the boys watch me try them on. I actually liked a sparkly black prom dress so I got it.

Now that they are satisfied that they got the totally not girly sister to get a prom dress we went to American Apparel. I saw three dresses that I liked there. A purple strapless dress that went down to just above my knees, a turquoise strapless dress with sparkles on top. These dresses are totally not me, but they seemed perfect for my first tour.

After shopping we go back home to celebrate my 17th birthday with our family. Luke told me that my birthday will be celebrated twice, once with family, and once with One Direction and the boys. This is really going to be a great birthday!!

Hi everyone!!

How are y'all doing today? I hope you're doing well.

Love y'all lots!!


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