Hemmings Sister

My name is Riley Hemmings. I am Luke's sister.

Book 1 of my sister series.


12. Pain, Pain and More Pain

I can already tell that tonight is most likely going to be a sleepless night. Luke promised that we would Skype Mom every night. So Luke gives me the phone and the first thing she sees... The crutches.

"Baby what happened?"

"I went for a walk with Niall and a whole bunch of fans rammed me into the wall."

"And you are on crutches. What did the fans cause?"

"I sprained it severely. Mom I gotta go to sleep."

"Goodnight sweetheart."

Ash told me to sleep on the couch tonight because there was no way I was going to get to my bedroom tonight. Niall wanted to be close to me tonight so he stayed with me stroking my hair. I surprisingly did find sleep last night.

I woke up the next morning and smelled breakfast. I was about to get up when Luke tells me to stay put. I dont understand why but I stay in the living area.

When I see One Direction come into the room I know that they were going to give me my birthday present yesterday after the concert but that didn't work out. Harry comes out with a wrapped present. I open it and it is their new fragrance that hasn't been released yet. But I'm too tired and am in too much pain to get up and thank them.

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