Hemmings Sister

My name is Riley Hemmings. I am Luke's sister.

Book 1 of my sister series.


2. Overprotective?

Luke has always been very protective of me. He keeps me from the press which I thank him for but I wish he wasn't so overprotective.

I'm the youngest of all of us. That means that if a guy that Luke doesn't know even puts a hand on me and he sees it, he makes sure that the guy won't touch me again. Luke knows that he can't protect me forever so tomorrow I will be leaving to go on tour with him and the boys.

I honestly can't wait because I haven't been to one of my brother's concerts. Even better Luke got me VIP seats. Front row on the floor, where you have to be VIP to sit there.

Hi everyone!!

Sorry for the short chapter. I'm working on this in the car so I can't think as well as I could in my room. Next chapter will be longer... I promise.


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