Hemmings Sister

My name is Riley Hemmings. I am Luke's sister.

Book 1 of my sister series.


5. First Stop

We get into Gus The Bus and now we are on our way to our first stop on the tour, Amsterdam!! I can't wait.

I have a few hours before I need to go into hair and makeup so I decided to explore the venue. While I was exploring I met a beautiful and very friendly girl. Her name is Lilac.

Lilac has beautiful light brown eyes that have green sparks of green. Her hair is ombré.

I tell her that I will be right back. What she doesn't know is that I'm working on upgrading her ticket to VIP.

"Luke, I made a friend and was wondering, would it be possible to upgrade her ticket to VIP so she and I can sit together and so she could meet you guys?" I asked.

"Sure sweetheart. Here is her VIP ticket, and here is her Backstage pass. Bring her backstage now if you want."

I rut urn to Lilac and give her the backstage pass first, then the ticket.

"How did you do this?" She asked.

"I'm Luke's sister. When I said I was going to the restroom I actually went backstage and asked if we could upgrade your ticket. And I can take you backstage now if you want." I answered.

We go backstage and I am told that hair and makeup is ready for me.

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