My Fallen Angel

You always had been close to the Winchesters, you had grown up with them, in fact. But when you met Gabriel, you found someone. He understood. You had found the one. But he never knew. You couldn't tell him before he was killed by his brother, and you never had the chance to make him understand how much you cared. Until the angels fell..


4. Falling Angels

I stood next to Castiel, my auburn hair whipping around me, as I stared at the dark blue sky, eyes teary-eyed. What looked like meteors were falling from the sky, but I knew differently. The angels were falling. Metatron had won this one. Castiel had been tricked. Tricked.. just thinking about that subject was still a sore subject. It had been forever since I had held that Archangel close to me. I missed his caramel smell, his soft hands, his gentle golden gaze.. his beautiful wings. I looked at the ring on my finger, which held the bright golden ring shaped like his wings, the glowing stone in the middle like his eyes. Oh, how I could get lost in those gorgeous eyes. Looking up at the falling angels, I thought what it would be like if he was one of them.. how much pain he would be in..

Oh how I miss my Gabriel..

"We must go, Alex." Cas said, his voice quiet and filled with grief and sadness. "We must go to the bunker."

We traveled in a beat-up car, barely even making it to the bunker before it sputtered breathlessly and broke down. I leaned on Cas a little as we walked to our home, as we had gotten very close in the past few months. When I opened the door to go inside, I heard Dean muttering to Sam. "I know. But he's dead. He was. There's no doubt about it. Nothing can bring him back." He shrugged hopelessly.

"Yeah, but someone brought Cas back, why not him?" Sam suggested. "It's not like he's just any angel, Dean, he's Ga-" He stopped short, seeing me watch the two silently. "What are you two talking about..?" I asked quietly.

"Nothing." The two men answered together. Sam glanced at Dean, who's forest green eyes were filled with confusion.

"Tell me, please.. I've had enough deceit for a whole 'nother lifetime." I sighed, wiping my face desperately with my hand, my gaze flicking between my two brothers.

"It's Gabe. He's alive." Sam whispered. This statement caused me to stiffen, and my soft gaze hardened into a menacing glare. 

"I told you that it's not okay to do that. I told you it bothers me enough with you two laughing about him when he's dead. LET ALONE THIS. You two need to quit it. It's not funny." My voice breaks at the last word, shoving my chair back and running to my room, grabbing my pillow and sobbing into it. Not long later I hear a voice at the door.

"Alex. Open up." The voice is familiar, but I'm not able to put my finger on who it may be. "Open the door.." I hear it again. "Please, I'm so sorry, Alex, please." The voice cracks, as if in pain. I stand, hesitantly opening the door, causing a slight creak. Who I see before me is unbelievable. His eyes, his hair, his tiny smile, his jawline, everything. It's his. I looked down at my feet, and when I looked up, it wasn't him anymore. It was Castiel. Not my Archangel..

"What'd you say, Cas?" I shook my head, tears streaming down my face.

His pained expression turned to me, his lips forming the words, "Sam says he just wanted to tell you he only said the angels were falling, he said nothing about Gabriel. As of earlier, they were talking about the falling angels, not him."

I looked at him sharply. "I heard him Cas! He said Gabriel is alive."

"He's not. Sam never said any of that." He tilted his head, as he always did when he was confused, and suddenly pulled me to him as I started sobbing again at the fact that the Trickster was not alive.

"Why am I seeing him, Cassy? Why..?" I gripped his trenchcoat, crying into his chest. "Why? I miss him so much.. why am I going through this.. Why now, and not before..?" I pulled back, looking into the angel's pure blue eyes. Salty tears swept down my face, and small whimpers left my mouth as I put my face back into the man's chest and wept.

"That is what happens to an angel's grieving mate. But it is not like this. This can only happen when the angel has been missing for a very long time and is near. Which is impossible, as Gabriel is dead." Castiel said without remorse, causing me to cry harder.

"Oi! Get your hands off of my lady, 'Cassy'." A familiar voice called from behind me. "Guess who's back home, sugar?" I felt myself get turned around by soft, guiding hands, and I looked up, it was him. Wrong. It can't be him. He's dead. I shook my head again, sobbing harder. "It's not you. It's not you.. not you." I repeated, looking up again. It was Dean, trying to keep my attention off the subject. I pulled away, sobbing. "I.. I-I'm going to bed.." I ran to my room, locking my door, and falling onto my bed, crying myself to sleep as I hear his voice over and over, saying he's home..

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