My Fallen Angel

You always had been close to the Winchesters, you had grown up with them, in fact. But when you met Gabriel, you found someone. He understood. You had found the one. But he never knew. You couldn't tell him before he was killed by his brother, and you never had the chance to make him understand how much you cared. Until the angels fell..


3. Baby, Wake Up.

I was on the couch, huddled under a black and blue quilt, wanting cuddles. I called out for my Archangel, and with a quiet flutter of wings, he was standing before me.

"Yeah, Babe? What'cha need?" He stuck a lollipop into his mouth, an eyebrow quirked in inquiry. 

"I want my lovely trickster to cuddle before he has to go on the hunt with Sammy and Deano." I replied, arms stretched out and hands grabbing the air.

"I want to, trust me I do, I just... Have to get ready for something really quick.." He started, looking at his feet.

"Later, then! We can cuddle, watch movies, and eat all the candy you could want." I grinned at him, earning a weak smile from my trickster. "What's wrong, Baby?" I got up, wrapping my arms around him softly. He pulled away and sighed, turning around. 

"I never showed you." He muttered.

"Never showed me what..?" He turned around suddenly and covered my eyes. I could feel a slight breeze coming from in front of me, and a little light peeked through his fingers. A little later I felt something wrap around me, his hand dropping away so his arms could enter the hug. I looked down and I saw six, massive, golden wings. My breath hitched and I softly pushed him away. His golden eyes were nearly the same color as his wings, but held hurt. "They're beautiful, Gabey.." I whispered, wide-eyed, and looking at all six. His face turned a red color, him muttering that they're not so great. I walked over, stroking each one softly, earning a hum from the Archangel, and him kissing my cheek.

The boys slammed the door, calling for Gabriel to come with them, as it was time. 

"I have to go. Buh bye, Babe." He kissed me softly, with me returning it. "I love you." He whispered, gone with a flap of his wings. 

"Wait! Gabe!" I called out, "I never got to say it back."



The boys walked in, quiet, and without my lovely Gabriel. "Where's Gabey?" I asked, hopping up and looking around with bright eyes.

"Still at the hunt." Deano muttered.

"Why? Go get him." I said, slightly pushing him towards the door. 

"Alex, I said he's still there, leave it be." Dean said, not looking at me.

"I said. Go. Get. My. Archangel." I glared at him, speaking quietly, but dangerously. 

"Okay, okay. I'll go see if he's there." He shook his head, nodding at Sam to come with him. I walked over and got a glass of Dr. Pepper, and sat reading Eragon. The boys arrived not too long later, carrying something between them. I slowly got up, holding the glass, and peering over. They put whatever it was on the couch, looking at me sadly. "Wh.." I started, walking over. I dropped my glass and stood, tears welling in my eyes. "Baby. Nononono.." I ran over beside my boyfriend. His golden hair was all tousled, a bloody wound under his shirt, a few tears left astray. His once-golden wings were burnt and sprawled across the room. "Baby, wake up." I sobbed, feeling a hand on my shoulder. "Gabe! Wake up! Please!" I yelled, sobbing into his shirt, the warmth of his skin gone. "I never got to say it back.. Please.. I never got to say it!" I screamed. The hand on my shoulder picked my off my knees, and I saw it was Sam. 

"He's gone, Alex.. I'm sorry." He whispered, sadness in his eyes.

"It's YOUR fault! He didn't want in this job. He didn't want THIS! He's dead now because of you two!" I yelled at them, tears streaming down my face. "Who did this?!" I shot at him. 

"Lucifer. He was there, and we ran, Gabe protected us. It cost him his life. I'm sorry, Alex, I'm so sorry." He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me against his chest. I cried into it for what seemed like hours.

"I never got to say it.. I never got to say it.." I repeated while weeping into my brother's arms. I pulled away and slowly walked over to Gabriel's corpse. I slowly caressed his cheek, saying what I hadn't been able to before. "I love you.." I kissed him, feeling something hard in his pocket. I reached in, pulling out a ring. Tears sprung back as I looked at it. It was a golden ring, engraved like wings. The stone in the middle was whiskey-colored. Just like his amazing eyes. Engraved on the inside, in enochian was, "I love you until the end of time. Wait for me." I put it on, weeping. "I love you, my Archangel.. I will always and forever.." I quietly said, and I swore I heard his voice one last time, "I love you too, my Angel.."

"Baby, wake up." I whispered in his ear, hoping it would work, but it didn't. "Baby, wake up.."

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