My Fallen Angel

You always had been close to the Winchesters, you had grown up with them, in fact. But when you met Gabriel, you found someone. He understood. You had found the one. But he never knew. You couldn't tell him before he was killed by his brother, and you never had the chance to make him understand how much you cared. Until the angels fell..


1. My Backstory.

My name is Alex, and I'm a Winchester. Not really, but I've grown up with them for over half of my life.

Let me explain...

"Alex. You need to go to bed, sweetie. You've got a big day tomorrow! Uncle Bobby is coming over to chat." My mother called, she glanced at my father when she mentioned my uncle, seeming unsettled.

"Okay, mommy. Goodnight! I love you!" The young me gave my parents a hug and kiss, them both replying with an 'I love you, too, honey.' I then turned and walked up the stairs, making a cut left to my room. Changing into my pajamas, I grabbed my teddy and settled into bed, slowly drifting into a gentle slumber.

... ... ... "Bobby. Come quick.. it's here." I heard my mother whisper from the other side of my door, locking it, unbeknownst to me. She gasped and screamed my father's name. I heard a loud thump and my mother screaming again. This time she yelled for something to leave, for something to go away and leave her alone. What about me? Does she not care for it leaving me alone? I pulled my teddy tight against my small body, shaking in fear as I hear a loud snarl and another splatter and thump. I couldn't hear my mother anymore.

Something was creeping along the entrance to my door, but I heard a loud booming, like thunder. The door slowly unlocked, and the knob of the door-handle turned. The door opened and I saw my Uncle Bobby, blood covering his shirt, tears streaming down his face. He grabbed me and rushed to his truck, driving to his house.

That was the last time I ever saw my parents. That was the first time I saw Sam and Dean, soon to become my brothers. Bobby and I grew close, and he became my father..

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