In That Moment, We Were Infinite (Book 5)

Family stays together until the end. No matter how close the end is, you have to stay together. Now maybe I'm not the perfect person to say this, but to lose them before you even got a chance with them is tragic. Trust me, that I do know. But I swear, in our last moments, we were infinite. And I would never give that up. Not for anything.


6. 5

Athena's POV

"Get the fuck up were going dress shopping!" Eli yelled and jumped on too of me. I jumped about a foot in the air and she fell on the floor laughing. "Your face was beautiful," she giggled.

"Not the exact way I would've liked to be woken up." I muttered and she was still laughing on the floor.

"Come on, it's me, you, Ginny, Fleur and Anastasia are waiting." She got off the floor and wiped the tears of laughter away.

"Who the fuck is Anastasia and why the fuck is she going wedding dress shopping with us? She sounds boring," I asked.

"Anastasia is my girlfriend," she glared. "And you will be nice to her,"

"Don't tell me what the fuck to do Malfoy," I smirked. "If I don't like her, I'm not nice. Simple." I shrugged and got off the couch.

"I really like her, okay? So don't ruin this."

"Me? Ruin things? Pshh," I laughed sarcastically. "If she's a bitch, I'm a bitch, okay?" I said and pulled my hair back into a messy bun. "Come on," I said and I had a feeling she wasn't very impressed by my attitude. Did I care? No.

"When in doubt where's my backup hoe?" I asked as I walked out of Fred and George's bedroom at the burrow. "And my side hoe," I added and Ginny and Fleur walked over, laughing, and hugged me. "Ah, my hoes. I love them." I smiled and kissed each of them on the head.

"Now, were going to a muggle dress shop not far from here, so no magic, okay?" Ginny said to us all.

"I think that was mostly for you," Anastasia sneered towards me with an American accent. I cocked my head to the side and put on an incredulous smile.

"Excuse me, bitch? Do you have a problem? Because you should know if you do, I don't care." I said and I could see Ginny trying not to laugh.

She stared at me in shock. "Okay! Let's go!" Fleur said, amused.


The dress shop had beautiful gowns in the window. And the best part was, I had the money to afford any one I want thanks to the small fortune my father left me in his will.

I got the three girls that I actually liked to pick out a dress. Anastasia stayed seated. Good. Bitch. I know what you're thinking. 'Shes your best friends girlfriend! You should give her a chance!' Yeah, no.

"Listen, you like my friend, right?"

"Sure," she rolled her eyes.

"Then if you want to leave here with all of your limbs intact to your body, I'd fuck right off with that attitude. And I'm only warning you because Eli likes you. And I don't want to upset her."

"Whatever," I glared at her.

"Athena!" Ginny ran back over to us with a clear bag in her hand. "Try this on!"

"Okay, okay." I smiled and took it from her. I walked into the changing room and slipped it on easily. It was nice, but it wasn't me. It had long lace sleeves and there wasn't a have on it. It was low cut and jewelled around the belt. It was elegant, and beautiful, but really wasn't me.

The next one handed to me was the one from Fleur. It was also beautiful, but not something I would we at to my wedding. It was strapless, and was more gown-like. The bottom half was black, but it slowly faded into white at the top. More ombré, really. The neckline had diamonds on it, and overall it was gorgeous, but it wasn't my dress.

And Eli's. The dress she gave me was gorgeous, but again, it wasn't what I was looking for. It had one strap and was a mermaid style dress. I didn't fancy the mermaid part, really. It had sequins and sparkles across the chest and overall was nice, but way too sparkly for me.

I sighed and left the changing room. I walked around the racks of dresses filling the small building. There was lots. Long, short, sparkly, plain, poofy, slim. Anything you could think of. There was even many different colours. I must've tried on ten different dresses before I started to get tired and hopeless.

I grabbed a bag that I couldn't see through and hoped for the best as I changed into it. When I unzipped it my breath caught in my throat. It was gorgeous. I put it on and it fit absolutely perfectly. It wasn't even too tight around the chest, which most things are.

It was strapless and it was a little poofy, and it ruffled at the bottom. I smiled and ran my hands over the jewels on the front of the dress, starting at the very top and went to a little past my waist. And for once, I didn't feel terrible about myself.

"Guys, I've found my dress." I announced, stepping out of the changing room. Ginny's jaw dropped, Fleurs eyes widened, and I swear Eli was almost in tears.

"Are you sure?" Ginny asked.

"Why? Do I look bad in it? Is there something wrong?"

"No! I just mean, are you sure that's your dress." She corrected.

"Oh... Yeah. I'm sure." I smiled.

"Then let's do it. Go get changed and let's go home." Fleur smiled. I nodded and went to change back into my clothes. I carefully returned the dress back to its bag and stepped out. And Ginny looked terrified.

"What?" I asked frantically.

"How are you to pay for it? You only have wizard money," she said and I felt relieved.

"Oh, Ginny. Don't be foolish." I smiled. "I didn't forget about that." I reassured her. She nodded and I payed for the dress. I stepped in front of the other three with Ginny by my side, and we walked down the street like that.

"Hem, hem." The simple clearing of the voice made my body chill.

"You're not Umbridge, don't fucking do that." I spat and continued to walk. We made it into the park by the time she spoke again.

"I was just wondering if anyone was going to tell you that you looked fat in your dress." Anastasia said and I could hear the smirk in her voice. And I turned around and had a hold of her with my want pointed at her within a second. And that's when I realized so did the other three.

"Oh look, you can obviously see I'm wanted here more than you, so fuck right off why don't you. If you leave now, maybe I won't hex you." I glared. When I let go of her neck, she apparated.

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't realize..." Eli said and I shook my head. My mood had plummeted thanks to that comment. Obviously she knew about my bodily image issues and knew that would upset me most.

"I don't care. I'm going home."

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