In That Moment, We Were Infinite (Book 5)

Family stays together until the end. No matter how close the end is, you have to stay together. Now maybe I'm not the perfect person to say this, but to lose them before you even got a chance with them is tragic. Trust me, that I do know. But I swear, in our last moments, we were infinite. And I would never give that up. Not for anything.


2. 1

Athena's POV

I guess I should start at the beginning of the school year? Okay, so back in July, Bill and Fleur got married. It was a beautiful wedding. It truly was, so I'll start there.

Mrs. Weasley was frantically trying to make sure everything was in order. The tents were being put up outside, guests were arriving, and I was helping Fleur. "Love, you look absolutely gorgeous." I said as I helped her into her dress.

"You really think so?" She asked in her heavy French accent.

"I know so," I smiled and began to work on her hair.

"Thank you, Athena." She smiled and I just nodded. Anything to help out our family.

"You're part of the family now, and I'm just happy you let me help." I spoke softly and when I was finished helping her get ready, it was nearly time. "Damn! Okay, come on. Get your shoes and we have to go downstairs!" I exclaimed and straightened out my dress. It was very beautiful and picked out by Fleur herself. It was a great honour to be picked to be her maid of honour and intend to do a great job of it.

"Let's go!" I grabbed her hand and grinned enthusiastically. "Time for you to get married." I led her down the stairs together.

"Athena, you look beautiful." She said before we reached the kitchen.

"Not even close to what you look, though." I told her. Through the past few years, Fleur and I had become good friends. It was nice. Three girls. Me, Eli and Fleur. Ginny never really got on well with her, but that was okay. Ginny and I would hang out together separately. Eli and Ginny had a very good relationship, though. So when I was with Fleur, she had a girl to be with, too.

We stepped into the kitchen and Mrs. Weasley gasped and made her way to Fleur. "You look so beautiful," she gasped and Fleur told her it was all my doing. Fred walked in the house and looked up and widened his eyes.

"Athena? Wow," I walked over to him.

"Wow what? Didn't think I could clean up this great?" I asked and wrapped my arms around his torso.

"I knew you could, it's just a surprise seeing you in something other than sweatpants." He teased and I hit his arm. "Oh I'm joking, you're gorgeous all the time." He said and kissed my head.

"I hate to break up the happy couple, but the wedding starts in five." Ginny ran in and we nodded.

"Okay, we walk first, bridesmaids, then you." I pointed at Fleur. "Get in order now, so nothing goes astray. I don't want anything ruining their special day." I demanded and everyone nodded, making sure to stand in the correct order. "Now, it's time for a wedding." I smiled.


The wedding was perfect. No lighter way to put it. Now it was the reception and I was sitting with Fred and George, and in pretty sure Harry was talking to Elphias Doge. I held Fred's hand tightly and admired the way Bill and Fleur looked so happy together.

"You know, that's gonna be us someday soon." Fred said and kissed my cheek. I couldn't help but smile at the thought. I'm going to be married to Fred Weasley. The boy I loved so very much. I'm getting married sometime very soon.

"I can't wait, either." I said and turned to kiss him. Today was perfect, and nothing could go wrong. At least I thought so. I got up to go talk to my godfather and that's when things started to go downhill.

"You look beautiful, Athena." He said and pulled me into a hug. I stayed there for a while. Longer than necessary, but oh well.

"Thank you. Where your wife tonight?" I asked with a huge smile. I've never been happier for Remus than I was now.

"Oh who knows, honestly." He smiled.

"You know, you two really are great for each other. I don't know why you-" I was cut off by a patronus. Quite literally. "That's Kingsley's patronus." I said and looked worriedly at my godfather.

"The ministry had fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They're coming." And it disappeared.

"Shit," I muttered and looked around. It was silent for a moment until people realized what was happening. By then it was too late. Death Eaters were everywhere and people were panicking. I found my wand (which I had set on the table with Fred) and began fighting against each one that tried to hurt some one I loved. I looked over at Remus and he was telling Harry to leave. Which was very smart indeed. He would've gotten hurt here. Or he would've died.

I saw Fred and he was in the way of a spell about to be shot. "MOVE!" I yelled and ran to push him. "STUPEFY!"

It didn't take long for all the Death Eaters to be warded off, but in the time being, it was hard enough to get them to leave. After, I had to make sure everyone was okay.

"Tonks, where's Remus?" I asked the shocked girl standing not far from me."

"O-over there, outside the tent." She whispered and I thanked her. I ran out and saw him talking frantically to Molly and Arthur.

"Remus!" I exclaimed and ran over.

"Oh, Athena." Mrs.Weasley cried and enveloped me into a hug. "Thank Merlin you're alright." She said and I hugged back.

"You too," I said and as she let go I ran to Remus. "We need to go to Grimmauld place."

"What are you talking about?" He asked me, incredulously.

"We need to go to Grimmauld place! Remus, I need to go back. There's something I'm missing. In dad's last letter he sent to me about a week before he died, he told me to look closer in places you've visited often. There's either something their from him to me or from mom to me, or it's something that'll help us win this war. It can't be put off any longer." I gasped and he stared at me intently.

"When do you want to go?"


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